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Wotte’s a gentleman. The question is: what’s he still doing in Romania?

March 3, 2010 1 comment

Universitatea Craiova had a terrible start of season, losing two games out of two, and this beloved club is in deep trouble in the standings, lying in 15th place, one that offers a trip to the second division at the end of the season. 🙂

A recent interview offered by Mark Wotte to the Dutch press revealed a coach rather intrigued by the things saw so far in Liga I and motivated by the club’s perspective, rather than scared by Craiova’s uncertain future in the first league. He dribbled with elegance an episode that would have angered anyone else: Craiova had the most clear penalty in the world against fierce rivals from Dinamo and ended up losing that game by one goal, yet Wotte thought that is enough to consider this a mistake, “while in Romania the press talked about this episode for three days”.

He also had no reaction regarding the huge scandal that surrounds his team, after club owner Adrian Mititelu (Adrian Little one – in English 😉 ) decided to move it from its town, as part of a fight with the mayor, and avoided to speak about the poor performances of the team’s best players, starting with topscorer Florin Costea.

This guy is definitely from another planet: some call it Holland, others the Netherlands…

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