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Ukraine-Romania 3-2. A good defeat!

May 31, 2010 2 comments

Well, this is, more or less, what I expected. Although Lucescu Jr. seems determined to stick to a 4-4-2, the players selected, the trained&tried moves, the ability to switch from a defensive approach to a very offensive one during the game, all speak of a team that is finally working on a style, while adding the needed new faces. And the coach deserves credit for that. For his mistakes, he will always pay, look at the decision to field Lobont (out of form and severely lacking match fitness – please forgive the Football Manager language!), but this is a period when we can afford them, as long as we’ll be looking to fix them in the near future.

Anyway, in spite of the three goals, we look pretty good at the back, with Chivu pushing the line upfield and both centre-backs composed on the ball, helping the build-up. We have Goian and Galamaz in stand by, we’re rock solid there, Rat is in good shape and Sepsi – a promising reserve. But we still need a keeper and also an alternative to Maftei, on the right. Read more…

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