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Sliskovic, ready for another adventure?

June 23, 2010 1 comment

Blaz Sliskovic. Photo by

Arrived in Romania in March, when nothing but a miracle could have saved Unirea Alba Iulia from relegation, Blaz Sliskovic impressed with his determination, confidence and, above all, courage, attributes that put him now in the position to negotiate a new start in Liga I. The coach is expected to hold talks today with Ioan Neculaie, the owner of FC Brasov, and I see him “crazy” enough to take over a team that is in a very delicate moment. A very club team in the past few seasons, FC Brasov lost this summer its influential president, Dinu Gheorghe, and almost the entire squad. The top full-backs Rui Duarte and Ezequias are off to Rapid, the centre backs Abrudan (Steaua) and Nuno Diogo (CFR Cluj) have also left, the experienced midfielders Catalin Munteanu (transferred to Dinamo), Nicolae Grigore (returns to Rapid) and Maldarasanu (retired) are gone and away from Brasov are hoping to move the excellent winger Mihai Roman, the promising forward Sabrin Sburlea and top goalkeeper Danut Coman!

Basically, Sliskovic would have to rebuild the entire first team from scratch, which will be very difficult, as I don’t see Neculaie, who often complained about the lack of support in financing the team, reinvesting more than a couple of hundred thousand euros from the millions he got this summer. Not to mention that he would have just one month to find the players that could ensure salvation (I cannot see any other realistic goal for the coming season) and make them gel. But the man believes in miracles, he proved that already, and I’d like to see him have a full season ahead, with his courageous approach, fighting with all those guys who think that, if they field 8 defenders in the first eleven, their jobs would be better protected…

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