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Romania U21 is one win away from Euro 2011

October 12, 2010 Leave a comment

The narrow defeat from Norwich, plus the lucky away goal scored by CFR’s winger Ioan Hora, have injected enthusiasm and confidence in a team that forgets one little thing: this time, Sandoi’s men will have to show that they can play football, not just kill it.

Probable eleven against England, in Botosani

The coach will make just one change in the eleven used four days ago: Sabrin Sburlea will replace Ionut Neagu. So, it’s a striker for a midfielder, and a switch from a theorethical 4-3-3 used in England to a 4-2-3-1 that has one big problem: the absence of a player capable to play in the hole, as a central attacking midfielder. The three players behind the lone striker are natural wingers, all three are right footed (which brings up another issue on the left side, where the full back, Barboianu, is right footed, as well!), and, instead of being equipped to find space through the middle (Gardos and Bicfalvi usually stay too close to the back four and will have problems in linking up play, a through ball is basically excluded),  Romania will have only one attacking plan available – move the bal on the flanks.

The problem is problems are that Sburlea will have a hard time winning balls in the air against stronger opponents – his aerial game isn’t his main weapon – and that most of the crosses will come from the right side, after Hora’s lack of confidence in his left foot will make him waste the first opportunities to send the ball in the penalty area. Once England will realize that the danger comes from the small Gabriel Torje, Romania will have no other option than to kick it upfield and try to impress the ref with dives just outside or just inside the box, waiting for our plan A to defeat Pearce’s men: score from set-plays. Read more…

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