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Steaua meets Real Madrid in August. From Mourinho, with love…

June 26, 2010 Leave a comment

“Mourinho will bring Real Madrid to play against the Becali family”. We can agree that reading such a statement without laughing is impossible, but it was followed by Steaua’s official request to have a game postponed in August and Ioan Becali’s (the agent – cousin of the guy who had made that statement) confirmation that the match will take place on August 22. The joke could be on us, really, even if, in spite of a very big family, the Becalis will field against Mourinho’s stars Steaua’s finest players. And we should not ignore the generous discount offered by The Special One, who apparently used his influence to reducd Real’s demands from 1,5 million Euros to just half of milion. A true friend, Mou, what can I say?

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