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Plesan, finally worth 100.000 Euros…

June 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Mihaita Plesan, 27 years old

This is pretty sad, actually… Having the chance to watch him on a regular basis since his debut in the top flight, I thought that the rumors regarding a release clause of just 100.000 Euros weren’t true. I mean, i refused to believe that Plesan can be taken away from a club he clearly wanted to leave – so, wages weren’t a serious issue, in this case – for such a small fee. And that nobody steps forward.

He’s 27, he’s fit, a change of environment or the chance to be hit at anytime by the thought that separates the boys from the men, which often changes a player beyond recognition, all these meant that some club like Karpay Lviv should/could/would gamble this sum on a footballer that still has three or four years ahead of him. Well, Plesan had to wait an entire season for this offer, which means that he had to work an entire season to be worth again 100.000 Euros. Plesan, who, back in the days, was considered a natural, talented, box-to-box midfielder, with a price tag calculated in million Euros, who could have made it everywhere. Instead, he decided to fail here.

Yes, he can blame his misfortunes, his injuries, his friends and his family, the agents he had, the coaches he changed, but, unless he comes across a clear mirror in the process, he might as well forget about going to Ukraine. He should have at least one in his nice car, the symbol of a player’s achievement in Romanian football…

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