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Romania’s U19 hopes for success, applying North Korea’s training methods!

January 13, 2011 2 comments

Ionut Lupescu was expected to find inspiration in Germany, not North Korea...

Unable to reach final tournaments at any level with the national team, Romania’s U19 got a break and qualified as the hosting nation for the games scheduled in the summer.  Chiajna, Branesti, Berceni and Mogosoaia – all small villages outside Bucharest – will host the games that will be played between the 20th of July and the 1st of August, a tournament that Romania hopes to finish as one of the best four teams involved. Realistic chances to do it? None! Leaving aside the technical and tactical ability, it’s obvious that the young lads used mainly in the youth/reserve teams of the big clubs or in a mediocre second division aren’t mentally prepared for a successful campaign, but the U19’s coach came up with a plan backed by the Federation: a five months long training camp!

If I didn’t expect much from Lucian Burchel, the mediocre U19 coach and the man with the brilliant idea of copying what North Korea did before the World Cup, I must say I was surprise to see that Ionut Lupescu, who is now running things at the Romanian Football Federation, had nothing against it. According to, it all stopped because two clubs with players selected at this level refused to release them: Chindia Targoviste (now in third division, but controlled by Gheorghe Popescu) and Viitorul Constanta (second division, representing Gheorghe Hagi’s Academy). Apparently, Lupescu turned red and went on to accuse them of lack of vision and said they were only following their interests, but stopped from going further down that dangerous path and said that the Federation won’t punish the two clubs. Instead, the U19 will give up the initial plan and will prepare intensively for the tournament, with just one month to go before the kick-off and probably less ambitious plans…

Not so quiet times for Romania’s national team coach

October 15, 2010 1 comment

These are agitated days for the national team, with Razvan Lucescu under huge pressure from the public disgusted that the young coach blamed everyone but himself, for a start so poor that could compromise the entire qualifying campaign. Romania has two points from three matches and slim chances to turn things around, yet the Football Federation decided not only to defend its choice, but also to add two more years to the current deal and some extra cash, offering Lucescu Jr. a deal until 2014, paid with 375.000 euros per year! All this, in spite of the agreement that the coach will walk if he cannot get Romania to Euro 2012 and in spite of his obvious struggle to rebuild the team (the idea was to use the last official matches of the previous campaign to find new players and refresh the NT, but Lucescu preferred to take his long shot at landing the second spot in a group eventually won by France and Serbia).

The great Gica Hagi speaks about the not so great national team coach

This hard to explain support offered by Mircea Sandu and Ionut Lupescu has been balanced by the justified attack launched by the legendary Gheorghe Hagi, who played down the idea that Romania cannot get better results due to the quality of the available players. Very quiet until now, busy with running his excellent football academy, the former Barcelona & Real Madrid asked Mircea Lucescu’s son to step down, if he doesn’t have faith in the players’ ability anymore. Here are the most interesting quotes of their diallogue: Read more…

Romania’s golden generation gets ready for one last show!

March 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Before Leo Messi, there was Gica Hagi

The idea belongs to former Barcelona skipper Gheorghe “Gica” Popescu, who gathered most of his colleagues from the national team that impressed at the American World Cup, in 1994, and proposed over lunch to make a final appearance as a group. The event should close the “Champions’ night” campaign initiated a few years ago by Popescu, which brought in Romania, among others, Brazil’s national team, for charity purposes. Gheorghe Hagi, Adrian Ilie, Bogdan Stelea, Tibor Selymes, Daniel Prodan, Ilie Dumitrescu and Ionut Lupescu were present and agreed to take part to a farewell match that will take place in Timisoara, in May. The choice is fully justified – although it’s quite far from me 😦 -, as Timisoara has the most passionate and civilized crowd in the whole country and probably the opposition will be top class, as every former national team player will try to bring quality players.

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