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Universitatea Cluj keeps on buying from Dinamo: “Claugol” signs for two years

July 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Claudiu Niculescu, playing for MSV Duisburg

Since Florian Walter, a former shareholder at Dinamo, took over Universitatea Cluj, in the second division, several players moved from Bucharest to this highly respected and loved club. It proved a successful strategy last season and “U” saw no reason in giving it up after gaining promotion in the top flight.

The first addition was Gabriel Bostina, the experienced midfielder who moved on a free transfer, followed by the versatile Silviu Izvoranu, who can cover almost any position that require a left footed player. Walter was though interested in getting also footballers of an even higher profile and said that he is willing to wait until the 1st of September for the rebel Adrian Cristea and the veteran Claudiu Niculescu. Well, Niculescu realized that if he stays, he’ll probably have to watch a lot of games from the stands, not even from the bench, as Dinamo wasn’t able to sell established strikers like Andrei Cristea and Marius Niculae and was also looking to offer a chance to prove themsevles to Ganea, Alexe or Paun, young players who already proved their potential in Liga I.

Niculescu, one of the leagues all time top scorers, with 138 goals scored in 284 matches, will stay in Cluj for the next two seasons, but should prove more useful in helping youngsters like the Brazilian Machado or the promising Romanian Voican develop quicker rather than provide a decent number of goals. “Claugol” has struggled lately in finding a decent form, lost pace and stamina, looks very fragile when in possession and is too focused on getting freekicks in dangerous positions outside the box, the only way he can still harm the opposition and get his name on the scoreboard.

Mutiny at Dinamo, under Giovani Becali’s command!

April 18, 2010 2 comments

After Dinamo’s defeat against CFR Cluj, in the semifinals of the Romanian Cup, three players left the hotel in the middle of the night: Ousmane N’Doye, Ze Diabate and Djakaridja Kone went out on their own and returned in the morning. With the other players aware of their departure, talks went on among the team’s leaders, Niculae, Niculescu, Bratu, Moti and Bostina, who agreed that something needs to be done to restore an order too often troubled by N’Doye, who had been recently “rewarded” with an excellent contract and, even more surprising for such an unprofessional player, the vice-captan role.

In the morning, when N’Doye was begging for forgivness, Dinamo’s staff had the surprise to see six players leave the hotel and return to Bucharest. If Florin Bratu had already been sent there, to play for Dinamo II, players like Gabriel Bostina, Andrei Margaritescu, Adrian Cristea, Ianis Zicu and Marius Alexe stated that they’re backing Bratu and would like to protest against the repeated trouble created by the Senegalese midfielder. Read more…

Dinamo signs up for two more years of trouble :-)

April 10, 2010 1 comment

Yes, Ousmane N’Doye just extended for two more years his contract with Dinamo, in spite of all the off-the-pitch scandas, in-the-locker problems and in-the-media speculation. He will earn 180.000 EUR per season (without bonuses!) and, according to, he wanted the board to assure him that coach Cornel Talnar, nicknamed Del Bosque, will continue next season as well. This isn’t the best news for his colleagues, nor for Dinamo’s rivals, who probably had their offers ready for a top class midfielder that was going to move for free in the summer. In the end, it seems that his quality as a footballer was considered more valuable than a squad harmony that was difficult to ensure anyway, as we’re talking about Dinamo and this has been definitely the club’s weak spot for years…

To follow: a contract extension for the experienced Gabriel Bostina, who was outstanding in 2010 so far.

Kapetanos, alone at the top

February 24, 2010 Leave a comment

After escaping the threat represented by Gigel Bucur, who moved from Timisoara to Kuban this winter, Pantelis Kapetanos used the first official match of the season to break away from the other players that are fighting for the Romanian golden boot award. He scored Steaua’s only goal in the surprising home loss against Ceahlaul and was the most dangerous player on the pitch for the red and blue outfit in a match that got off to a perfect start, but ended up as a real nightmare. Read more…

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