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Universitatea Craiova joins the trend, cutting down incredible and unjustified high wages

October 6, 2010 1 comment

When Victor Piturca threatened his players that they will lose their wages for 3 or 4 months, if they play as selfish as CFR’s Lacina Traore, it would have been interesting to know what announces today: several players from Universitatea have, at least on paper, incredible wages for what they can offer and have offered to this beloved, but underachieving club, in recent years.

The club’s highest earner and also top player, Florin Costea, who’s currently injured, gets 410.000 Euros/season, a salary that cannot be found at the champion club, for example, where Sixto Peralta, the former Internazionale midfielder, gets 375.000 Euros/year. But let’s say that Costea deserves this, given his on-the-pitch input when fit, as well as a market value calculated in million Euros. But to hear that Spase Dilevski, an Australian defensive midfielder, who never stood out as a decisive player for the club, earns 370.000 Euros per season, and Mihai Dina, an average 25 years old forward, who has an excellent year when he scores five goals in the league, was getting paid 180.000 Euros/season, obviously shocked Universitatea’s new manager. Wage cuts of -40% followed immediately, with non-negotiable offers accepted by the mentioned players, as well as by the young Mihai Costea (down to 120.000 from 180.000), while others, like the 28 years old Brazilian David Lopes, are expected to either accept half of their current wages or leave the club during the winter break.

Mihai Dina was earning in a year a bigger sum than what Universitatea would have got in case of a sale. Photo from

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Mandorlini skipped training, so CFR could start playing better!

March 9, 2010 Leave a comment
  • After yet another disappointing display and an unexpected defeat in Galati, CFR’s coach Andrea Mandorlini left his assistants take over today’s training session. Obviously, the press speculated about a possible replacement, with president Iuliu Muresan in a short trip to France (where the out of contract Laszlo Boloni resides), but this could be just one of the Italian’s methods to turn things around, after he has failed to put together a solid team and a style of play in the three months long winter break :-).
  • Following Adrian Falub’s resignation, Unirea Alba Iulia is close to signing former Steaua coach, the experienced Dumitru “Titi” Dumitriu. Indeed, this might be a good choice for an otherwise decent team to at least have a shot at avoiding the drop.
  • National team coach Razvan Lucescu has challenged Florin Costea to help his team avoid relegation, in order to get more attention from him in the near future. Costea is a regular scorer in Liga I, plus Universitatea’s best, highest rated, star (etc, etc) player and most pundits cannot understand why he’s not getting regular call-ups from Lucescu jr. I’m not one of them ;-).
  • Steaua’s owner Gigi Becali threatened coach Mihai Stoichita, after his desire (to drop Alexandru Tudose from the first team) was ignored in the 2-2 draw against Unirea Urziceni. Stoichita collected 2 points out of 9 this year and is yet to play the likes of Parpas and Tall, defenders bought by the club at his wish. This is definitely the last warning from Becali, but I won’t be surprised to see Stoichita sticking to his choice, knowing the huge pressure he’s been under since his arrival and that he has reached a point where he contemplates leaving the club anyway.

Kapetanos, alone at the top

February 24, 2010 Leave a comment

After escaping the threat represented by Gigel Bucur, who moved from Timisoara to Kuban this winter, Pantelis Kapetanos used the first official match of the season to break away from the other players that are fighting for the Romanian golden boot award. He scored Steaua’s only goal in the surprising home loss against Ceahlaul and was the most dangerous player on the pitch for the red and blue outfit in a match that got off to a perfect start, but ended up as a real nightmare. Read more…

Contra leaves Getafe and returns home

January 29, 2010 Leave a comment
  • Cosmin Contra (34) confirmed the deal with FC Timisoara. The veteran full back has found an agreement with Getafe’s president and will be allowed to move to Timisoara as a free player. Contra will sign until the summer and is hoping to help the club win the league. Born in Timisoara, Contra has only played for half of season for the Viola outfit, collecting 14 appearances, back in 2005.
  • Universitatea Craiova made a bold move and completed the buy of star forward Florin Costea (24), from CSM Ramnicu Valcea. Although Costea (who’s also regarded as a solution for the national team – and might find even more space, in case Mutu won’t find a miraculous solution and avoid suspension) plays for Craiova since 2006, 25% of his transfer rights were still belonging to the second division club. And Craiova decided to pay 500.000 EUR in exchange, a lot of money, even though Costea was reportedly a target for big clubs from abroad, ready to meet an asking price of 4-5 mil. EUR! Knowing the player and that 75% of the rumors published this winter were rubbish, my bet is that he won’t leave Craiova for a higher price than 1.5 mil. EUR, if he’ll ever make a move abroad at all!
  • Unirea Alba Iulia signed Argentinian midfielder Enzo Bruno (22). The former Independiente player came as a free agent and signed a contract until the end of the season.
  • The Argentinian young striker Danilo Ezequiel Carando (20) agreed to sign a contract with Astra Ploiesti until June 2012. The forward joins a list of players bought by Astra from South America this winter: Deigo Silva (22, striker, from River Plate, in Uruguay), Maximilian Arias (21, midfielder, from Fenix, in Uruguay), Gonzalo Salgueiro (23, goalkeeper, born in Uruguay, comes from Kalamata, Greece), Alejandro Kruchowski (27, full back,  born in Argentina) and Marcelo Fabian Mendez Russo (28, central defender, from Montevideo Wanderers, in Uruguay). All the players have been recommended and assisted by Diego Solivaret.
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