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Adrian Stoian, just another typical Romanian talent?

June 6, 2012 3 comments

Stoian, 21, is considered one of the leaders of his generation.

Socks pulled above the knees, plus a constant care about how the shirts covers his otherwise fragile upper body, with extra care for his flashy haircut (shaved on the sides and at the back, long enough on top to have it in the eyes every once in a while) – this is the way Adrian Stoian “listened” to the national anthem before Romania U21 – Slovakia U21. He was the only player coming from abroad in a Romanian first eleven fueled by relegated teams like Sportul Studentesc, FCM Targu Mures and CS Mioveni. An average team in terms of talent, but the type of squad that should only help him stand out even more. A couple of runs down the left flank, one decent cross, a well placed shot and another poor attempt from long range animated the first half. In the second, he did a lot less, but got the penalty that allowed Mihai Radut to open Romania’s account and show the way to a second consecutive 2-0 win against Slovakia. In both, he rested when the others were defending, rearranged his shirt, pulled up his socks over his precious knees and, after Romania scored the opener, ran to the bench and desperately asked for a bottle of water. It wasn’t that hot, quite on the contrary, and he wasn’t that thirsty either: but he needed it to fix the hair messed-up by the spectacular fall inside the penalty box…

Is this THE Adrian Stoian? The little winger who impressed at Bari, who belongs to AS Roma and is wanted not only by a few other Serie A clubs, but also by Zenit St Petersburg? Probably not. He probably gives a lot more at club level (featured in 29 matches last season) and will probably get a break at some point in a bigger club. But will he cope with that move?

Denis Alibec, a player I saw pull something similar at U19 level for Romania, a year before he got the chance to feature in a couple of games for Inter Milano, in Serie A, tells me that Stoian needs to have a serious look in the mirror and not to admire once again his tattoo and haircut. Because Alibec managed to shot himself in the foot in no time: failing to impress in Milano, was sent on loan to Mechelen, where he lasted for a dozen of matches before being kicked out of the club, and is now hoping that someone else will offer him another chance to start over.

Alibec and Stoian are both 21. Hopefully for their otherwise promising careers, I’m talking only about their age, not their IQ’s…

Romania’s Under 21 defeated by France. With a little help from Emil Sandoi!

November 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Dinamo's Marius Alexe played once again below his ability and couldn't help the Under 21 avoid defeat in Nantes.

If you check Romania’s page in the U21 section of the website, you’ll find this: Competition status – active. The right words, after a second consecutive defeat against France without a single goal scored, should be “basically, out!”.

After a 0-2 defeat at home a month ago and already four points behind France and Slovakia, who also had a game in hand, Emil Sandoi decided to go all out for a win – the only result that would have kept us in, or active, as UEFA likes to say – with a brave tactics. A 5-4-1 which you’ll struggle to find even in the Romanian second division, where the coach should spend a lot more time looking for youngsters that play regularly, rather than settle for the usual reserves from the first division teams.

Sandoi also decided to use two right footed players on the left side, Dean Beta and Marius Alexe, reducing to a minimum the lone striker’s chances of getting some decent balls upfront, with Ionut Enache easily kept at bay on the right side, given the little support Cornel Rapa usually offers from the right back position.

Plan A – avoiding to concede and hope for the best upfront (that’d be an own goal scored by the home team) – lasted for almost 40 minutes,  with some good performances from the central midfielders Maxim and Matei, outnumbered, but not yet tired. Unfortunately, Plan B was something that Sandoi never prepared and who could blame him? In fairness, the senior team played quite recently their must-win game against France and, with the score 0-0 towards the end of the match, Piturca’s men were taking no risks and desperately trying to hold on to the useless draw, much to the surprise of their opponents. In that case, why should we ask more from the Under 21, which so often is seen as a team that’s supposed to “prepare” the youngsters for the A national team? That’s exactly what Sandoi is trying to do. For years!

Missing out on final tournaments since 1988. England’s U21 should learn from the Romanian experts!

October 8, 2010 1 comment

It’s no surprise to see Romania’s U21 challenging for a spot at Euro 2011, 12 years after its last appearance at a final tournament. The first league has changed a lot in the meantime, with several clubs outside the capital winning trophies and getting European exposure, and what a lot of people feared – mediocre foreign players blocking the development of young Romanian players – didn’t affect the promotion of the hottest prospects, now spread throughout the country. Clubs like Otelul Galati and Universitatea Craiova offer the best example and have determined the Bucharest sides to change their strategy – with Steaua investing heavily in youngsters like Radut or Gardos and offering them the much needed playing time for a continuous development. The number of promising players used regularly in Liga I has increased so much that even a lazy and modest coach like Emil Sandoi managed to field a strong team, one that won a group that also featured the mighty Russia. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough to earn a presence at a final tournament and the odds offered Romania one of the toughest adversaries available. Read more…

Same old, sorry, young story: unimpressive win from the U21

August 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Romania’s U21 added another win on Wednesday to a campaign that’s very close to the end, one that will be decided after the two encounters versus the group leaders, Russia. Sandoi’s youngsters scored the only goal of the match versus Moldova from the spot, Liviu Ganea converting the penalty awarded after a run from one of his colleagues from Dinamo, Gabriel Torje. Here’s Sandoi’s team – one that relied once again on an improvised left flank (Barboianu plays in central midfield, while Costea is a natural striker):

Lung Jr – Rapa, Gaman, Papp, Barboianu – Torje, Bicfalvi (Neagu 40), A. Ionescu, M. Costea (Gangioveanu 77) – L. Ganea, Ionita (Hora 55).

The group will decide its winner on the 3rd (Botosani) and 7th (St. Petersburg) of September, when Romania will play Russia, both teams having right now the same number of points, 21.

Romania’s U21 looks decent. Too bad we don’t have a left back…

August 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Romania U21 travels on Monday to Moldova for a match scheduled to take place on the 11th of August. Here’s the team selected by the eternal Emil Sandoi, a coach who is yet to promote a youngster with a lower profile in this team or at least to “push” a player from the U19 at a higher level:

Goalkeepers: Cezar Lungu (Steaua), Silviu Lung Jr. (Universitatea Craiova)
Defenders: Florin Gardos (Steaua), Cornel Rapa (Otelul Galati), Alexandru Matel (Astra Ploiesti), Paul Papp (FC Vaslui), Valerica Gaman (Universitatea Craiova)
Midfielders: Eric Bicfalvi, Andrei Ionescu (Steaua), Gabriel Torje (Dinamo), Stefan Barboianu, Constantin Gangioveanu (Universitatea Craiova), Ionut Neagu (Otelul Galati), Ioan Hora (CFR Cluj), Gheorghe Grozav (Standard Liege)
Forwards: Mihai Costea (Universitatea Craiova), Liviu Ganea (Dinamo), Alexandru Ionita (FC Cologne), Sabrin Sburlea (Rapid), Raul Rusescu (Unirea Urziceni).

This isn’t just Sandoi’s lack of vision, unfortunately…

March 4, 2010 Leave a comment
  • Israel U21 – Romania U21 1-1

Frankly, I don’t see the purpose of this friendly. It wasn’t a mistake, no other player sneaked on board, this was the selected team and Sandoi fielded a tactical joke in Tel Aviv:




————-Sburlea—L. Ganea——————-

A 4-4-2, with an improvised left back, Barboianu, who plays at right back and, on occasion, in midfield. Although he had a natural left back, Silviu Ilie, Sandoi moved Barboianu there, losing the only option to improvise (yes, thanks to Sandoi’s knowledge, we have to improvise a central midfielder in the U21!) a central midfielder to pair with Ionescu and give some sort of balance to the team. Look at the four midfielders! Torje is a pure winger, Rusescu is a natural striker!, Ionescu – an attacking midfielder, Gangioveanu – a left winger. Somehow, it ended 1-1, with the latter scoring Romania’s goal in the 7th minute, but this is definitely the case to use a cliche: friendly results do not matter…

20 names for the Under 21

March 2, 2010 1 comment
U21 Romanian national team coach

Emil Sandoi

Romania U21 will play against Israel U21 on Wednesday, in Tel Aviv, hours before the senior teams will meet in Timisoara. Here is the list of players called-up by Emil Sandoi:

  • Goalkeepers: Cezar Lungu (Steaua II), Silviu Lung jr. (Universitatea Craiova)
  • Defenders: Alexandru Matel (Farul Constanta), Stefan Barboianu (Universitatea Craiova), Cornel Rapa (Otelul Galati), Paul Papp (FC Vaslui), Florin Gardos (Concordia Chiajna), Radu Barbu (Universitatea Craiova), Silviu Ilie (OtelulGalati)
  • Midfielders: Gabriel Torje (Dinamo), Andrei Ionescu (Steaua/Politehnica Iasi), Calin Cristea (Unirea Alba Iulia), Constantin Gangioveanu (Universitatea Craiova), Razvan Ochirosii (Steaua/Otelul Galati)
  • Forwards: Sabrin Sburlea (FC Brasov), Mihai Costea (Universitatea Craiova), Liviu Ganea (Dinamo/Astra Ploiesti), Alexandru Ionita (Rapid), Raul Rusescu (Unirea Urziceni), Ioan Hora (Gloria Bistrita)

    If this is indeed just a test ahead of the next official matches, than coach Emil Sandoi proves yet again a frightening lack of vision and guts! A simple overview points out the following facts: Read more…

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