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Dinamo registered 24 players for its debut in Europa League

July 10, 2010 1 comment

Olimpia Balti is the club has the chance to add another humiliation in Europe for Dinamo on a quite long list, but The Red Dogs are as ambitious as always and confident that this is just the start of a long and successful campaign.

Here is the list of players sent to UEFA:
Goalkeepers: Curca, Balgradean
Defenders: Scarlatache, Homei, Moti, Grigore, Garat, Maksumic, Diabate, Pulhac
Midfielders: Torje, Adrian Cristea, Rus, Kone, N’Doye, Margaritescu, Vranjkovic, Catalin Munteanu, Zicu
Forwards: Andrei Cristea, Niculae, Niculescu, Ganea, Paun

The new signings are Balgradean, Garat (injured, will probably miss both legs games), Maksumic and Munteanu, while Homei, Ganea and Paun have returned from one year long loan spells. Basically, coach Ioan Andone failed to add a single important name to a team that almost missed out on a place in Europe last season and will have to use all his ability to motivate and discipline players, in order to do better in Liga I and at least make it into Europa League’s group stage.

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