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“The new Hagi”? Yeah, right!

June 7, 2011 3 comments

A year ago, I wrote this about Cosmin Matei, when the kid signed for Steaua Bucharest a five years long deal. He managed to stay there for a year, which I have to rate as an unexpected performance, featuring in five games in the league and collecting some minutes in Europe, as well. Now, he was sold to Astra Ploiesti, where he agreed on another five years long deal. Knowing the coach, Tibor Selymes, he could find it even harder to play over here…

The latest “New Hagi” has a great future. But not in professional football

July 6, 2010 2 comments

Cosmin Matei has agreed a five years long deal with Steaua, after spending almost a month under Ronny Levy’s command, at Unirea Urziceni! The 18 years old was kind enough to explain this surprising switch: ” I refused to sign for Unirea, as I couldn’t adjust to the team’s tactics. I was asked to defend, while I’m an attacking player“.

For those still interested in more details about the latest youngster labelled as “The New Hagi”, Matei (175 cm/65 kg) was raised by Farul Constanta (second division), has been a regular in the youth national teams, couldn’t be sold alongside Denis Alibec to Inter Milano, but moves to a title contender for 250.000 Euros, where he’ll probably play alongside the “The New Balaci”, Andrei Ionescu, for the reserve team, until his IQ reaches at least the same number as his body weight.

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