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Prepare your resumes! Coaches needed in Romania

May 8, 2010 4 comments

We’re close to the end, now, but I doubt that what’s going to happen in the last three rounds will change things. I’ll explain: CFR is still the favorite to win the title, but the team struggled so badly that Mandorlini should be dismissed even in case of a successful scenario. The only team capable of winning the league seems Unirea Urziceni, so Ronny Levy should be kept at all costs for the coming season, even if Unirea will fail to defend the title won last year under Dan Petrescu. But let’s take a look at the top clubs that should/will change coaches this summer:

  • CFR Cluj – in spite of its position in the standings and the club’s chances to win the title, Mandorlini failed to connect with his players and to put his mark on a team that plays poor football for months. Period! He worked during the winter on a tactical system he had to abandon after the first official matches. He recommended three Italian players – Bottone, De Zerbi and Piccolo –  who looked completely useless. He saw top players getting out of shape – Kone, Traore – and couldn’t do anything to get them back at their best. Was lucky to draw against strong teams and simply took advantage of his superior roster to win by a small margin – the Italian style – against the smaller clubs. Although he has the backing of the board (intelligent enough to keep the staff and the players focused on the title, hiding the obvious disappointment), Mandorlini will/should not be offered another deal. Verdict: change him!
  • Unirea Urziceni – Levy did what few expected: take over from Dan Petrescu and keep what everyone still considers (in spite of everything these players have done even in the Champions League!) an average team, formed by decent, but mediocre footballers, at the top of the league with chances even to defend the title won last season. A solid coach, who tried to further develop the team, going for a more Latin/technical style, who should be kept at all costs. Levy’s problem is that next season he will probably find himself without the likes of Galamaz, Brandan, Bilasco and will be forced to show his recruiting ability, as well. Verdict: keep him! Read more…

Dinamo signs up for two more years of trouble :-)

April 10, 2010 1 comment

Yes, Ousmane N’Doye just extended for two more years his contract with Dinamo, in spite of all the off-the-pitch scandas, in-the-locker problems and in-the-media speculation. He will earn 180.000 EUR per season (without bonuses!) and, according to, he wanted the board to assure him that coach Cornel Talnar, nicknamed Del Bosque, will continue next season as well. This isn’t the best news for his colleagues, nor for Dinamo’s rivals, who probably had their offers ready for a top class midfielder that was going to move for free in the summer. In the end, it seems that his quality as a footballer was considered more valuable than a squad harmony that was difficult to ensure anyway, as we’re talking about Dinamo and this has been definitely the club’s weak spot for years…

To follow: a contract extension for the experienced Gabriel Bostina, who was outstanding in 2010 so far.

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