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Lazio looking at Steaua’s Kapetanos. Looking for another Igli Tare?

August 14, 2010 1 comment

Pantelis Kapetanos, big man for the big games

According to, Lazio is looking for a strong centre-forward and the Greek is on a very short list, as the cheapest option, around 2 million Euros. Kapetanos has been a top player for Steaua, coming as a free agent two years ago and proving indispensable, scoring 26 goals in 54 appearances in Liga I. He is yet to feature this season, as he missed a big part of this summer’s training, being involved in the World Cup, and also because Steaua’s ex-coach, Victor Piturca, wanted a different type of player as the lone striker. Things look different now, though, as Ilie Dumitrescu, the new trainer, said that Kapetanos is one of the team’s four vital players and, without a replacement, he’s hoping that the Greek can stay fit throughout this campaign. The player is expected to start his first game on Monday, when Steaua plays the newly promoted Victoria Branesti, while I expect the player to stay put, in case of a 2 million Euros offer, given Dumitrescu’s strategy and Gigi Becali’s desperation to keep the new coach happy.

Almost unbelievable: the most wanted player from Liga I goes to… Astra Ploiesti

July 14, 2010 Leave a comment

The name is Ribeiro Moraes, a Brazilian striker who made a truly outstanding first half of season in Romania, and was associated until now with CFR Cluj, Steaua, Rapid and FC Vaslui, all title contenders, keen to add such an impressive 23 years old to their roster. Bought by Gloria Bistrita for just 200.000 Euros, the guy basically secured for his team another season in Liga I, with 10 goals scored in 17 matches (was the league’s top scorer in the secod half of the season!) and a series of excellent performances. He’s a striker who has it all, pace, strength, technique, composure, who proveded his ability to adjust to a totally new style of play and environment, who had every reason to hope that he’ll be showing his skills in European competitions next season and fight for the title. Well, as Gloria Bistrita did struck gold on this occasion, the club’s president refused to accept anything below the release clause, which is 2 million Euros, a price that only Rapid was still trying to negotiate, at this time.

Well, today, Rapid and all the others found out that Gloria Bistrita accepted a bid for the player from Astra Ploiesti, a team that just managed to avoid relegation last season, but who seems to have finally reached a level of ambition that matches the financial strength of the club’s owner, Ioan Niculae. Ribeiro Moraes himself said that he awaits the financial offer and could accept this move, so we could be in for the absolute surprise of this summer’s transfer activity…

Best eleven in Romania – mid-season analysis

February 5, 2010 1 comment

The analysis of Andrei Vochin, top journalist, working for Gazeta Sporturilor, has come to an end and the best eleven of the first half of season is complete. Here it is!

I hope you’ll apreciate the graphics! 😉

————————————— Zapata (31) ———————————————

Rui Duarte (29) —– Cadu (28) ———- B.Fernandes (31) ——— Brandan (26)

————————————-Apostol (29) ———————————————–

——–Szekely (26) ————————————————– Gerlem (25) ———–

———————————- Wesley Lopes (29) —————————————–

—————- Bucur (29) ———————– Kapetanos (26) ————————–

PS Based on a lot of statistics provided by a specialized firm, the analysis has one weak spot in my opinion: the influence of the marks received by the players during the 17 rounds from the newspaper’s reporters, who often pay little or no attention at all to individual performances (believe me, I’ve seen them at work too many times!) and usually the difference in their marking is made by either a goal scored or a visible mistake. But, in the end, that’s why this is Gazeta’s top, right? And that’s why I’ll come back with my own judgement after half of season.

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