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Romania’s golden generation gets ready for one last show!

March 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Before Leo Messi, there was Gica Hagi

The idea belongs to former Barcelona skipper Gheorghe “Gica” Popescu, who gathered most of his colleagues from the national team that impressed at the American World Cup, in 1994, and proposed over lunch to make a final appearance as a group. The event should close the “Champions’ night” campaign initiated a few years ago by Popescu, which brought in Romania, among others, Brazil’s national team, for charity purposes. Gheorghe Hagi, Adrian Ilie, Bogdan Stelea, Tibor Selymes, Daniel Prodan, Ilie Dumitrescu and Ionut Lupescu were present and agreed to take part to a farewell match that will take place in Timisoara, in May. The choice is fully justified – although it’s quite far from me ūüė¶ -, as Timisoara has the most passionate and civilized crowd in the whole country and probably the opposition will be top class,¬†as every former national team player will try to bring quality players.

Gigi Becali issues public apologies to Steaua’s fans

February 20, 2010 Leave a comment
  • Dayro Moreno (24) has finally been granted the right to play for Once Caldas, after the Colombian side paid the 500.000 EUR transfer fee and received the clearance to use for the first time this season the attacking midfielder, who scored 9 goals in his 44 matches played for the Bucharest side in the Romanian first division.
  • Steaua’s boss Gigi Becali met with the club’s supporters last night and agreed to satisfy all their demands, in order to end a long conflict that seriously affected the club’s image and the team’s results. Among others, Becali had to apologize to all the club’s former great players he has insulted over the years, and that was quite a long list, which included the likes of Gheorghe Hagi, Laszlo Boloni, Gavril Pele Balint, Adrian Ilie. Read more…

Politehnica Iasi – Rapid Bucharest

February 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Favorite on paper, due to the massive difference in terms of points, value and aspirations, Rapid received only good news lately, regarding their first opponent in 2010. Besides their problems with unpaid debts (including the players’s wages for the past two-three months), the hosts are presenting a very long injury list, which should only increase the gap in terms of quality that separates these two teams.

Poli will miss the following key players: Branet (first choice goalkeeper), Munteanu (team captain, regular starter, either as a central defender or as a left back), Ilie (regular starter, central defender or central defensive midfielder), Ignatov (regular starter, Bulgarian central midfielder), Constantin (one of the main offensive threats, left winger) and Balba (rotation player, striker).

Rapid has not just a more valuable roster, but also far less injury problems, with doubts over the involvement of Sapunaru and Gauracs, but both are new players and the Bucharest side didn’t lose the regular starters from the first half of season. They’re well equipped all over the pitch, with several new choices in midfield and attack, where Cesinha and Iordache should make it hard for coach Nae Manea to choose the supporting players for the lone striker that would be Ionita, the centre-forward bought by FC Koln in exchange of 2,5 mil. EUR, but who’ll stay at Rapid until the end of the season.

The only problem is that the pitch conditions (which could be terrible – soft, muddy pitch) could seriously affect the players’ performance and even the game’s outcome, but as Poli didn’t train on the home ground to protect it as much as possible, in the end, this could be yet another unexpected bonus for Rapid.

The match will be player on Saturday, starting 18.00 CET.

When professionals act like amateurs

January 10, 2010 Leave a comment

A recent interview offered by Italian coach Cristiano Bergodi showed why Romania’s most important club, Steaua Bucharest, “lacks inspiration” when it comes to buying foreign players. Accused¬†that, in the summer, he¬†made bad calls in¬†choosing¬†three players that are now out of¬†favor, Bergodi revealed how he decided to bring in Rafal Grzelak (27), Miguel Angelo Fazende “Tininho” (29) and Krum Bibishkov (27):

“I’ve been informed that the transfer budget was 300.000 EUR and I’ve asked¬†the staff¬†to let¬†me know which were the players followed until then. I got¬†a dozen of¬†DVD’s and was told to whatch and choose. Which I did. The three players were the best I’ve seen and were playing on positions that I considered weak at that time”.

I’m not saying¬†that Bergodi has no fault in the matter, but¬†this is a proof of pure amateurism at one¬†of the richest and presumably best organized clubs in Romania. ¬†In fact, the idea of scouting before wasting money buying disappeared once Adrian Ilie stepped down from the board and, a few months later, Mario Branco, presented in the press (a very discrete presence otherwise) as the club’s only scout, got¬†the sack. Ilie is a huge loss¬†for the¬†club, even though¬†some¬†of the players brought under his¬†guidance didn’t impress, but the¬†former Valencia¬†forward was¬†an elegant¬†figure and really worked on developping¬†the club.

Back to the three players:

  • Bibishkov is a typical centre-forward who didn’t even get the chance to prove himself, featuring only once in half of season, as a sub. Now, he’s on his way out, with Pantelis Kapetanos (interesting fellow, deserves an article later on) the first choice striker and countryman Hristo Yovov ready to sign for Steaua. As usual,¬†club¬†clown owner Gigi Becali says he’s ready¬†to pay the¬†club¬†that will transfer the attacker, just¬†to¬†get rid of the guy.
  • Tininho is a strong full-back, who also has only one appearance for Steaua, 5 minutes, against St. Patrick’s. Unlike Bibishkov, the Portuguese defender at least had enough chances to impress, playing¬†a lot for Steaua II, in the second division.
  • Grzelak is a left footed attacking midfielder, who made a promising and deceiving start, but ended up on the sidelines and doomed not to play again for the club, after Gigi Becali stated that bold footballers are generally poor players. The fact that Grzelak didn’t shave his head after he signed for Steaua is, of course, unimportant ;-). So, Grzelak will probably end his adventure at the Bucharest side after half of season, two starts, four appearances as a sub and one goal. Of course, unless he doesn’t decide to let his hair grow…
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