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Can we stop Romania and Hungary from playing at EURO 2016?

romania hungaryWhen Hungary decided settle for a 0-0 against Romania in the second half of the game in Budapest and let the hazard of future results decide their fate, I thought, ok, they don’t deserve to go through. When Romania went over 400 minutes without scoring it was just as clear that we’re just as terrible, both in terms of approach and quality. Hungary’s struggle against Faroe and Romania’s awful home game vs Finland only confirmed that both teams are at pathetic levels, unworthy of a final tournament that everyone thinks would do wonders for either of the two struggling countries.

I’m against that theory, really, because I see more value in reforming clubs and football federations, league associations and other organisms, in adjusting perspectives and lowering public expectations, adding realism and hard work focused at youth level instead. Yeah, the old good hard work…

With all due respect to Northern Ireland and especially Faroe Islands, I do agree that Group F offered some dramatic moments, according to emotional reports from the two countries still hoping to make it to France. You could watch the beautiful game suffer a slow and painful death…

Anyway, with the power invested in my by the 4-5 regular followers of this influential blog, I would like to ask UEFA to award the 2nd qualifying place from Group F to any nation that actually has a team able to play some football. For Romania or Hungary, a presence at EURO 2016 would only be a blessing in disguise.

  1. October 10, 2015 at 4:53 pm

    Hi Radu. I think we both know that there´s more to this. We have good material, at least to have a decent team, able to play nice football, against many teams. But:

    We have a coach that was retired since 2006, and was fired from the NT 2 years before that before his style was already outdated. Who could expect him to do well? The NT coach spot seems reserved to people with big influences in romanian football and never to the beast coach available. Some people praise Victor Piturca, consider him the most successful coach of the NT history, but many, many other see we played the worst possible football under him, and that his selection were always “strange”, to say the least. He NEVER succeeded away form the nT, he didn´t coach any club decently. So how can he get credit to coach the NT for 8 years? Based on what merit? I can only think there are heavy interests behind thsese decitions, for example the Becali clan and their perennial destructive influence over the NT.

    The press is another link in this chain of destruction. either they are cluealess and unprofessional, or they are bought aswell. No analysis of the games, zero criticism to the selection, line up or strategy choices, etc, BEFORE the games, when it matters. After the games, they find some explanation, usually related to our lack of value instead of finding deep reasons for the team´s problems. Ok, we are in a bad moment as a footballing nation, but are we worst or even at the same level of Hungary, NIR, Finland or this Greece? I think we definately have more talent than them.
    The press have zero coverage of the youth level, the U-21 games are not even being broadcasted, and they talk about the lack of future? If you don´t inform people about youth teams, how are the supposed to be interested. How are our kids supposed to care for their nT´s if the press inores them? it´s barely impossible to find some decent information about our youth level, unless there´s a big tournament coming or after a success. Instead, the press is 95% useless information, about Becali, Radoi getting a license, what Sandu, Dragomir or some other cluealess owner has to say, instead of talking tactics, analiziing players, coaches, etc.

    Some unexplained things have happened regarding the NT that are inexcusable:

    – Sinmartean, our best player for years, only called a year ago, when he got to play at Steaua, being 34.

    – A list of ignored players from the recent past and present that is hard to explain: Cernat, Gabi Muresan (best DM in Romania for years), Dan Nistor (best CM in recent years aside from Sinmartean), Sapunaru, Bicfalvi (while doing very well in Ukraine), Budescu, Anton, florentin Matei (doing great abroad, who else is at his level), Bumba.

    – A list of players that get to be called or start repeatedly without their performances at their clubs and NT justifying it: Cocis, Surdu, Daniel Niculae, Tamas in the past, and Tanase, Chipciu, Prepelita, Pintilii, Dragos Grigore, Papp currently, while other are used out of place.

    I´d like that all of us who really want the best for romanian football united to protest against these management that is destroying a nation so talented and passionate about this sport

    • October 10, 2015 at 5:15 pm

      Matias, I could also add to your list of valid points, but it’s already long enough, haha!

      • October 10, 2015 at 9:20 pm

        Well I´d like to read them. You seem to be the only one around speaking what he thinks, or actually thinking. We have a forum with a couple of fans where i´m sure we inform much better, (just for the sake of it) than any “professional” paper And that already says a lot. My biggest concern is to know what amount of incompetence and what amount of purpose there is in the Federation(coach/press way of doing things

  2. Alex H
    October 10, 2015 at 5:41 pm


    Eu vroiam sa-i scriu asta lui Ioanitoaia, pe blogul lui, dar in primul rand blogul a crash-uit cand am incercat si in al doilea rand, probabil nici n-ar fi citit comentariul.

    “A incepe cu 5 oameni de atac, acasa, este normal, nu ofensiv. Nu inteleg de ce insistati cu idea ca meciul a fost pregatit superofensiv. Doar nu suntem Feroe (desi Feroe joaca mai bine ca noi).

    Meciurile se castiga la mijlocul terenului. Puteam sa avem si 17 varfuri, daca ne permitea regulamentul, de talia lui Stancu si Keseru, si tot nu inscriam.

    Sanmartean a inceput sa fie titular la nationala doar la apusul carierei lui, si asta ni se pare normal. Cand era de departe cel mai bun jucator roman din Liga I, la Vaslui, nu-l vedea nimeni. Doar cand s-a mutat la Steaua. Sigur, el putea sa faca un joc mai bun azi, desi din titularii din atac a fost clar cel mai bun. Dar oare e frumos sa stam intr-un jucator de 35 ani (Lucian), un jucator fara nicio viziune asupra jocului (Torje), si trei petarde–nu vorbesc aici de cele aruncate din tribune?

    Torje executa loviturile libere si cornerele. Aici e numai vina selectionerului. Poate nu trebuie sa bata Sanmartean toate loviturile libere, dar cornerele, sigur.

    Jucatori precum Nistor (singurul coordonator roman din Liga I cu oaresce experienta) sau Muresan (mai stiti cand Muresan a facut singur egal cu Franta?) sunt ignorati pentru ca: 1) nu joaca la Steaua si 2) probabil nu au agentii care trebuie.

    Papp si Chipciu nu ar trebui sa fie selectionati nici de Moldova, si poate nici de San Marino. Si nu numai ca sunt selectionati, sunt si titulari. Pentru ce? Papp, probabil pentru ca a “mancat” victoria Stelei la Belgrad, si astfel trebuie vandut cat mai repede. Sau pentru ca a marcat 2 goluri cu Irlanda de Nord in trecutul indepartat, desi n-a mai jucat fotbal de cateva saptamani, in prezent.

    Mie imi pare rau de reusita lui Hoban. Cel mai amar gol. Pentru ca mai bine stam acasa, decat sa mergem la Euro cu Papp, Chipciu si Dragos Al-Qatar. Eu la Euro o sa tin cu o echipa adevarata, cu Islanda.”

    Sunt destul de dezamagit de rezultate si sunt de-acord ca la cum arata acum, ar fi mai bine sa ramanem acasa. Dar potential exista. Jucatori avem ca sa mergem la Euro. Antrenori si selectioneri, se pare ca nu.

    Apropo, cred ca nimeni din presa de specialitate, si nici cei 4 antrenori, n-a vazut cat de prost au fost executate toate fazele fixe in meciul cu Finlanda.

    Iar pe Dragos Grigore nu l-a contestat nimeni, desi numai faptul ca arbitrul a fost orb ne tine in lupta pentru calificarea directa.

    Grea lupta, in deplasare, cu Feroe. Clar trebuie sa folosim 2 mijlocasi defensivi, intr-un meci pe care trebuie sa-l castigam. Desi formula respectiva vine de la GSP, deci nu pot sa fiu deloc sigur ca are vreo legatura cu realitatea 🙂 Dar asa se castiga meciurile, cu Pintilii si Hoban, care dau o pasa buna inainte din 10 incercari. Ma rog, de fapt Pintilii nici nu mai incearca.


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