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Is Bonetti finally coming around or are we finally admitting he was right all along?

Under heavy criticism since the start of the season, the Italian coach looks to have finally earned some credit and the quiet atmosphere that comes along with it. It might have been down only to Dinamo’s first winning streak of the season (the Red Dogs only managed a draw in Medias this weekend, after three consecutive wins) but behind this good run of results is a playing style that starts to define a team under construction, with a roster that combines the huge experience of Ionel Danciulescu and Catalin Munteanu and the youth spirit of George Tucudean, Cosmin Matei or Constantin Nica.

Very ugly in the beginning, refusing to play, sitting back and working only to frustrate the opposition, even if it was inferior in terms of squad quality and club size, Dinamo was heavily contested. Supported only by the board and a part of the fans, but at war with the influential agent Victor Becali and most of the journalists, Bonetti deserves credit for his consistency and the hidden work that lead to a surprising transformation of a team that now is quite difficult to play against. The more you try to hurt it, the bigger chances you’ll be the one to suffer, by the quick reaction of a tight unit able to unleash deadly counters. Lacking enough attacking flair and worried about a rather young defense which lost its pillar, Cosmin Moti, to Ludogorets this summer, Bonetti knew that he would have struggled to create a solid offensive team, so he started his work from the back. Using his first matches to put this to the test, he managed to calibrate his team in a matter of weeks, being lucky enough to get some points along the way (including a lucky last minute win against Petrolul). The climax was the impressive display against the revelation Pandurii, a team able to create – and waste – a ton of chances, but which allows you to do the same, if you can absorb this sort of pressure. And Dinamo certainly can, an ability that might see the team struggling to break weak, defensive opposition, but offer an advantage in the derbies that can decide, in the end, who deserves to be up there and who doesn’t.

Undefeated for almost a month now, Dinamo sits now in 5th place with 18 points and looks prepared to earn a European spot this season without glamorous displays, but with determination and hard work. And, comparing to the previous seasons, marked by an unrealistic, cocky approach, this time a place in the top five Romanian clubs will look like an achievement, not as a failure.

* foto from gsp.ro

  1. October 8, 2012 at 4:40 pm

    bonetti pare ca il foloseste pe danciulescu impotriva propriei vointe, caci in ultimele doua partide, cu pandurii si medias, la folosit mijlocas stanga. e adevarat ca in 4-1-4-1 este greu sa ii gasesti o pozitie “corbului”, el da randament ca al doilea varf, dar rolul asta nu exista in modulul lui bonetti. de asemenea nu cred in munteanu in fata apararii, pus sub presiune gafeaza, vezi golul unu al mediasului. nu are plasament si agresivitate. tot relativ la problemele “dinamoului”, vorba lui nea imi, cred ca atacantul central alexe, chiar daca a marcat in ultimele doua meciuri, nu alearga, nu face presing, nu tine de minge, se fereste de contacte, iar tucudean, dupa zvonurile ce il dadeau la ajax, a clacat. nu inteleg de ce axente nu primeste mai multe sanse.

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