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Otelul fearing only United, biggest mistake ahead of the Champions League debut

It’s enough to look at the standings, with the champions just above the relegation zone, to realize that even though Otelul kept all the players that impressed last term, the team lost something along the way. Unfortunately for them, the something in question is what Italians call “l’umilta”. The modesty of a group that last season knew so well that they need to outpace and outmuscle the opposition, having less technical quality, was key to the surprising success. Now that it’s gone, this team looks average in its best days and, what’s even worse, the players are getting the wrong messages from its leaders. There’s talk about the number of points that will be collected in the group stage, with only Manchester United considered too strong for a team that in three matches against newly promoted clubs in Liga I collected only one win! Considering the players’ (lack of) form and adding the wrong type of approach, I expect Otelul to reconsider their position right after the away game at Basel. And start using Modesty, Determination and Ambition in their first eleven just like last season, because they stand a chance against both Man United and Concordia Chiajna only if they start looking again at every match as a game of inches

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