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Pantilimon has agreed terms with Udinese!

Linked with the biggest of clubs in the past, Pantilimon can hope for a more reasonable asking price given Timisoara's problems

According to Costel Pantilimon’s agent, Florin Manea, the recent trip to Italy was a success, as the player was impressed with Udinese’s plans with him and agreed personal terms, returning to Romania to pack his bags. I know, Marian Iancu, Timisoara’s boss will try to complicate things a bit, hanging on for some more cash, in the hope that the transfer fee will go over 2 million Euros, but my advice would be to work harder for a percentage of the player’s future transfer.

Reasons? Udinese is an expert club in selling for a lot of money, Timisoara would have no use at the moment for the money to quickly rebuild their squad, as they will have to get used with second division football, after the latest decisions taken against them, and “Panti” is, as Italians like to say, “un portierone”.

Spotted at Aerostar Bacau in the third tier, some six years ago, by Timisoara’s current chief executive Gheorghe Chivorchian, Pantilimon was bought in exchange of around 50.000 Euros and you could say that he has fulfilled his potential, fighting for a place in Romania’s national team only with Steaua’s Ciprian Tatarusanu. At 24, he’s not just impressive in size (2,02 m / 103 kg), but boasts experience at all levels, with international matches, games in the preliminary rounds of European competitions (two seasons ago, he was in goal for the successful and incredible double  that eliminated Shakthar Donetsk from the CL!) and the not that challenging Liga I.

He’s good, but he’s far from the finished article, something the Italians will certainly look after as soon as they get him, although bluffed a bit in the meeting with the player and the agent saying that they might lose their no. 1 before the start of the new season. Above all, he still needs to improve his concentration & his handling, not to mention the guts to leave the line for the high balls he should easily collect, given his size.

Updates should be available in the next couple of days, so you should

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