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Timisoara’s case postponed until the 20th of June. UEFA asked to intervene

Thousands of Viola fans took the streets and the Romanian Football Federation refused to take the final decision yesterday. Mircea  Sandu – the president – stated that he asked UEFA’s licencing committee to intervene (which means that the information that UEFA was the one to deny the club’s access in the Champions League!) and check the documents as well as the Romanian’s calls that affect especiall FC Timisoara. A new meeting and a second attempt to either go through with it or take a step back and allow both Timisoara and Bistrita to keep their Liga I status has been scheduled on the 20th of June.

Interesting quotes:

Mircea Sandu (president of the Romanian Federation):

  • It’s a shame that Gloria Bistrita goes down for a debt of around 100.000 Euros!
  • You can’t make a dead man return from the grave (Romanian saying adjusted to Timisoara’s chances to escape this).
  • There is no way Timisoara can get the licence to play Liga I football next season.
  • UEFA has been asked to check the documents of the six clubs that initially qualified for Europe, plus those of 7th placed Gaz Metan Medias, who should play in the Europa League, after Timisoara’s exclusion.

Dumitru Dragomir (president of the Professional Football League):

  • What’s absolutely certain is that Timisoara won’t be allowed to play in the Champions League.

Viorel Duru (chief of the licencing committee):

  • UEFA’s investigation cannot change our decisions. If we were wrong, then the Federation will get a fine of around 70.000 Euros.
  • Timisoara’s chances to turn this around are zero.

Marian Iancu (FC Timisoara’s boss):

  • Timisoara’s not relegated, you’re in for a big surprise!
  • Everybody said it’s Sandu’s hand, but I refuse to believe it. I have asked for his help.
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