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Cristian Chivu retires from international football. Read his goodbye letter!

I have reached a difficult time of in my life, one that I’ve always thought of with fear, but cannot be delayed anymore. My playing career under Romania’s flag is over. My age, the injuries, the surgical interventions that I’ve gone through in recent years keep me from playing on several fronts. With this decision, one of the most important periods of my life comes to an end and now, when I look back, I feel pride, honor and gratitude.

I was, I still am and will always be one of Romania’s most passionate fans and it was my honor to captain this team. For 12 years I’ve been a part of this family, I had the privilege to score goals under Romania’s colors, to play football with the sound of our national anthem in my ears and to run until my energy tank dries out for the pride of my fellow Romanians. I did it with all my heart, as a sportsman and Romanian.

It is hard for me to stop this journey, but I know that I won’t cease to be a Romanian, to support all the Romanian sportsmen and footballers and to be the biggest fan of the Romanian national team. My heart beats for the country and for my family and this will never change, no matter my age or my health.

I would like to thank with all my heart to all those who’ve supported me in my international career, coaches, team-mates, members of the Federation, fans, members of my family, to my wife and our two daughters, for these 12 years that have changed my life.

Go Romania! Let’s be proud that we’re Romanians!

Signed: Cristi Chivu, Romanian and football player

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