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Stancu makes an instant impact in Turkey, but the media talks about something else…

An incredible amusing story was brought to my attention this morning via Twitter (you can find me there as rbaicu!) by a friend, who says that there’s a lot of talk in Turkey on a topic launched by a press agency. Apparently, Stancu had been offered on loan last summer, in exchange of 300.000 Euros, to a second division club.

Now, I’ve tried to Google-translate it, but that didn’t help much, so I can’t say who were the sources and how was the “story” created. What I can say is that it’s rubbish, as we’re talking about one of the hottest prospects in Romanian football, who was a key player at Steaua at that point, with a good record, no conflicts with the board or the staff & a decent salary. Why would Steaua let him go? His wage wasn’t a problem, the 300 k wouldn’t have made a difference, the destination had no chance to improve the player’s market value (Steaua was going to play in Europe in autumn) and didn’t involve a very tempting buying clause, at the end of the loan spell.

Does the article imply that Galatasaray paid too much for Stancu? Probably. Is this a topic that could hurt Hagi? Probably – it will happen every time a signing from Romania will play a poor game. The problem is that this story lacks both timing (Stancu plays well and scores goals) and that minimum amount of truth or credibility. Not that it’s my problem, though, it’s something that the Turkish fans are served probably very often. It just explains to me (and others?) why Hagi hits back at the media every once in a while, like he did in a press conference from January, when I was surprised with his frustration and was expecting to hear a different tone…

  1. Anil
    February 7, 2011 at 12:25 pm

    Dude the Turkish press is hardly making any truthful reports. It is an atmosphere of rather destroying good performances than praising the performance of a team or player. In case of Stancu, the rumours aim to show Galatasaray in a very bad light, meaning “Even a second league (Bank Asya League) team didn’t want him, but Galatasaray paid like 6m € for this dude”.

    Here’s some stuff they were talking about when Galatasaray bought/got on loan foreign players:

    Kewell – He’s injured, who can say he’ll show a good performance
    outcome: over 40 appearances in his first season, over 30 in his second and statistically the best seasons he played in his career. (Assists and scored goals)

    Milan Baros – He lacks consistency, one time his good, another time he’s bad.
    After scoring goals after goals, they said: It was against poor opponents, after becoming Scorer of the Year, they stopped!

    Lincoln – Is not a real professional, not disciplined?

    Elano – How can such a player play for the Brazilian national team?

    However, Elano, Lincoln, Keita, Jo, Dos Santos etc. left and had pretty good performances outside of Gala, but nevertheless playing for Gala they seem to be bad for the press!

  1. February 7, 2011 at 10:56 am

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