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Vitesse gets Gaman, but who gets the money?

Valerica Gaman, Universitatea's runaway captain

Vitesse’s official website announces the imminent transfer of Valerica Gaman, a key player in Romania’s U21 and Universitatea Craiova’s skipper. The elegant centre-back, who is one of the most promising players in Liga I at the moment, apparently agreed terms and is expected to pass a medical test in Arnhem, with Vitesse confident to close the deal in the next few days. The rumored transfer fee is around 3 million Euros, but that won’t guarantee a quick and smooth agreement, as the player’s situation is quite confusing and the Dutch club could be in for a real and (unexpected?) adventure…

Right after Victor Piturca’s departure, Gaman and a colleague, Barboianu, left from Universitatea’s training camp in the middle of the night and refused to make any public appearance or comment since then. The surprising gesture, which normally would have caused lots of trouble for the two players (who were still under contract with Universitatea!), has some interesting background, though. Apparently, as a guarantee that Piturca will get his money back from Craiova (you can read more on the manager who played the owner’s role for a few months here), the former manager received three signed pieces of paper that represent the club’s agreement on three transfers, with the name and the details to be filled by Piturca, who should also get the respective transfer fees.

Of course, Adrian Mititelu, the owner, states that the papers cannot be used and has asked Piturca to have a talk for more than a week, saying that he has a good offer for Gaman and that the current situation can affect the deal. So, my question is: with who is Vitesse “about to close” the deal? Universitatea Craiova or Victor Piturca? I’m afraid that unless Vitesse can talk with both parties involved in this row, the Eredivisie side might pay a lot of money not just for a very promising player, but also for an unwanted set of problems…

PS In the past, Universitatea Craiova sold two other players to Holland and it proved to be the right move for both Gheorghe “Gica” Popescu (PSV Eindhoven) and Cristi Chivu (Ajax Amsterdam)!

UPDATE: As expected, the war began and it is now clear that whoever offered Gaman to Vitesse trusted Victor Piturca’s papers and plans. Universitatea Craiova just released a statement saying that Gaman is not available for a transfer, that he is under contract until June 2015 and that there is not a single document saying that he can leave the club or that he  is available on a free transfer. Universitatea also says that Vitesse was also informed of this earlier today, reminding them that speaking with a player without the club’s permission is forbidden and threatened to take further action against both the player and Vitesse, if they don’t stop negotiating!

  1. January 31, 2011 at 10:39 pm

    I can’t believe the mess we are in…

    Mititelu is an idiot, he’s had pretty much no money for who knows how long, yet he doesn’t want to sell players or sell the club. He loves Craiova, that I know, but he’s ruined it. Piturca understood that we needed to let some players go if we were to survive but Miti doesn’t want to sell anyone. He cannot pay many of the players and staff for months, yet he continues to act as if we can still come out strong. He’ll probably get those 40 some million euros or whatever from that court case but look at the damage that’s already been made. Some of our best players (GAMAN!!, Barboianu, Alex Piturca (ok he wasn’t that great, I don’t care too much for letting him leave, etc) are already gone.

    There’s so much I want to say but I just can’t type all of it in here. I just hope things clear up somehow and we’ll be at least in decent shape again. I was just starting to hope we might have a chance in reaching Europe next season, like we used…

    What has happened to the Champions of a Great Love!?

    PS: I have an idea in terms of finances at the club. It should either be owned by the University of Craiova the way it used to be or (even better) it should be like Barcelona where you can buy shares of the club.

  1. January 31, 2011 at 12:27 pm

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