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Pantilimon and Tatarusanu, defeated! Grahovac is the best keeper in Romania, after half of season

Grahovac: 9 clean sheets in 18 matches, 78,95% of the shots on goal saved!

It’s that time of the year and Andrei Vochin, probably the only football journalist in Romania who writes and speaks just about football, starts providing the standings with the best players from Liga I, after the first half of season. And it’s no surprise to see up there, as the best keeper in Romania, Otelul’s Branko Grahovac, who managed to keep a clean sheet in half of the 18 games played so far. He is protecting the goal for the current league leaders and he was on the podium at the end of last season too, so the 27 years old, bought for 70.000 Euros exactly one year ago from Borac Cacak, has every right to feel good about this “award” and point the finger at the media that cannot stop praising the likes of Tatarusanu (Steaua – 6th place in the standings) and Pantilimon (Poli Timisoara – 11th!): “This is based on stats, not sympathies, so it means I’m better than those two. I agree, Tatarusanu is Steaua’s best player, but I cannot understand how can Pantilimon be the first choice for your national team!”.

Far from perfect (still prone to the odd incredible goal-causing error), Grahovac should thank not just Otelul’s defense, but the entire team, as Dorinel Munteanu asks the same involvement from every player in protecting the goal and getting the ball back. And wouldn’t look bad at all, if he’d show a little modesty, even if he came to Romania to make money, not friends.

Plesca (Gaz Metan – who did a great job covering the absence of Buchta, who was the best keeper in the league, last season!) and Kuciak (FC Vaslui) are just behind Grahovac in the Top 3, who shouldn’t feel too comfortable in this position if he looks to what happened with the keeper that was leading the standings last winter, Robinson Zapata, who spent on almost a year among Steaua’s reserves before leaving the country on a free transfer, not on a high horse…

  1. Wana
    January 8, 2011 at 1:32 am

    That logic is flawed. The only thing this ranking says is that the respective team managed to get the most games without the enemy scoring while the respective keeper was between the posts. Saying that this makes him a better keeper is just stupid (no offense).
    For example in Germany, Roman Weidenfeller kept a clean sheet in 8 games, league record. Nevertheless only a fool (hi there Grahovac) would say that this makes him a better keeper than Manuel Neuer.

    Or for example france: Steeve Elana and Geoffrey Jourdren 10 times without receiving a goal in comparison to national keeper’s Lloris 4 times.

    I could name more leagues but i think i’ve made my point clear…

  2. January 8, 2011 at 10:29 am

    And you are right, mate! That’s why I pointed out the team’s obvious help and said that a bit more modesty wouldn’t hurt. He’s definitely not the best in the league, it’s just an analysis based on some useful criteria when looking at a keeper’s performance. Anyway, for a 70.000 Euros buy, he’s not doing bad at all…

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