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A Serbian defender could be the first ever foreign player to wear Steaua’s armband!

If it was down to the fans’ vote, then Novak Martinovic, a 26 years old Serbian centre-back, could make history in Ghencea, six months after his transfer from the relegation threatened Pandurii Targu Jiu! Although this has small chances to happen, as Marius Lacatus will ask the players to name the team’s captain during this winter break, it’s interesting to see how such a low profile player gathered over 40.000 votes (the poll was launched by gsp.ro).

Bleeding for the club - that's what the fans always love to see!

Martinovic had previously played 36 matches in Liga I for Pandurii Targu Jiu and was brought as back-up to Steaua this summer by Victor Piturca for around 100.000 Euros, being the fifth choice for a place in central defense. His chances to feature looked even slimmer once Piturca left the club, although some might remember a quote that brought smiles a year ago or so: “Martinovic is the best centre-back in Liga I”. It belonged to Sorin Cartu. Yes, that Sorin Cartu!

His record at Steaua isn’t impressive either! He featured in just three games in Liga I (six matches in all competitions), yet this is not a prank planned by Steaua’s passionate fans, who were impressed with the excellent attitude displayed with each appearance. He gave it all, even when playing as a desperate solution at right back, where his modest technical ability could have been exposed and used as a reason to send him away during the current break. The Serb took each match as it was his last and the fans’ vote might not impress Lacatus, but should definitely send a signal to the entire squad, packed with more quality players, but one that has gone through so many changes in a short period that lacks a true leader on the pitch.

Anyway, it’s comforting to know that, in such an over-priced market full of mediocre footballers, you can find passion, ambition and determination at affordable prices. Caused by the lack of demand, obviously…

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