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Transfer analysis: FC Timisoara

A more discrete presence on the market than in the past, Timisoara managed to sign three players that were going to play an important part in the first half of the season: Ovidiu Burca, on a free transfer, Helder, on loan from Nancy, and the former Inter Milan signing (back in the days when his huge potential had enough years ahead to be fulfilled), Ianis Zicu. The results were better than ever, with the team finishing the year unbeaten, even after a quite long spell under the command of an unexperienced coach like Cosmin Contra, and this strategy offered the chance to shine to players like Axente or Scutaru, talented youngsters bought a few years ago, who were used to be sent on loan or kept on the bench.

Best transfer
Name: Ianis Zicu
Position: Forward
Age: 27
Games/goals this season: 15/9

It was a half of million Euros bet, as Zicu was having a tough time at Dinamo, getting the stick for his lack of interest and determination, but it definitely paid off. In fact, Zicu played so well for Timisoara, where he felt again what’s it like to be loved by the fans, that he ended up making a surprise return to the national team, even though his profile wasn’t fitting Razvan Lucescu’s philosophy. He’s the team’s top scorer, after half of season, and he managed to shine without breaking a sweat in most of the games, showing his immense and so far wasted talent, the rare ability to decide a game by himself with a clever pass, a surprising trick or a well placed shot with his excellent left foot.

The Good and The Bad. Used to have others doing the hard work for him, Zicu took care of things in the opposition's half without any help from Tames. Photo from prosport.ro

Worst signing

Name: Iulian Tames
Position: Attacking midfielder
Age: 32
Games/goals this season: 10/0

He was Timisoara’s first signing of the season and was offered one last chance to impress in Liga I, after a year to forget in the second division, with FC Arges. Always considered a gifted playmaker, an old-fashioned number 10, able to send a forward through on goal, Tames failed to deliver. What’s even worse is that he never looked willing to try, an approach that explains why this player, bought in 2007 for almost 1 million Euros by Dinamo from FC Arges, didn’t make it big.

Winter mercato

Always linked to players that have impressed in Liga I and willing to pay even above the right price, Timisoara doesn’t have a shortlist, but a longlist. Apparently, the one who tops it is another great talent from Dinamo (for those Viola fans who really hate Dinamo, it’s really strange who well the two boards cooperate…), Adrian Cristea, who recently made the headlines only through a relationship with one of the wonders of plastic surgery. Timisoara’s boss repeatedly praised the midfielder, who, on his best day, can do as much damage as Zicu, but the club from Bega should also look to strengthen a defense that forced the team to play way too many times to start a game trailing by one or even two goals…

  1. December 12, 2010 at 9:49 am

    You are a big team when you manage to buy the best players from a rival team. 🙂

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