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Transfer analysis: Otelul Galati

The league leaders have been making their usual business, once the experienced president Marius Stan decided to correct some mistakes done in the past, with the release of some poor buys made from abroad last season and the return to what he does best: spotting young players in the lower leagues.

Surprise. Filip is the only player who doesn't have a photo on the club's official website.

Best transfer
Name: Ioan Filip
Position: Defensive midfielder
Age: 21
Games/goals this season: 2/0

Typical signing for Otelul Galati! The 21 years old had been released in the summer by second league outfit FC Bihor. In August, he was ready to sign a five years long deal with Luceafarul Oradea, a third division club, but Dorinel Munteanu offered him a trial and decided to sign him for the next four seasons. He moved on to play in the third division, for Otelul’s reserves, but shocked everyone with his assured displays, once he was asked to cover for the absence of Gabriel Giurgiu. It was also a bold move from Munteanu, who could have rotated some more experienced players, yet he decided to hand Filip a debut in the first division in a tough away game and as a member of the first eleven. Obviously, it’s too soon to consider him a hit, but this sort of approach has lead to the discovery and promotion of a lot of players who have taken the first division by storm, this season.

Worst signing
Name: Csaba Borbely
Position: Forward
Age: 30
Games/goals this season: 5/1

Ok, he was supposed to be just a backup solution and scoring one goal in 137 minutes isn’t that bad, but Dorinel Munteanu’s reluctance to use him when he was in need – preferred to push forward the captain Paraschiv, who has a history as a striker, but has been playing for years in midfield – just shows that he’s been useless. His overall record is also very poor, no matter the name or the size of the club he has played for and has been for years one of those “experienced” players who only blocked the rising of promising youngsters. Which you wouldn’t expect to see at his current club, as well…

Winter mercato
Otelul is willing to sell, but not more than a couple of players. The 20 years old right back Cornel Rapa is in demand and the club hopes to cash in right away, as the competition for the young international has inflated his market price. As usual, there will be one Romanian club ready to pay around 1 million Euros, if not more, without considering the possibility that, given our league’s record, it’s unlikely to be able to make some profit after one or two years.
It will be excellent business for Otelul, who would do well to invest at least in a proven striker, in order to keep on competing for a place in Europe, if not for the title, as well. My guess is that they’ll lay low this winter, as they’ll have a harder time to recruit some talent from the lower leagues for peanuts, given their current status…

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