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Tamas, ready to leave West Bromwich and head to London

Gabriel Tamas, 27 years old, 51 caps

Before Italy-Romania, WBA’s centre-back threw a bone to the Romanian press: “You’re going to write a lot more about me in the near future”. Of course, speculation started and someone else tipped the journalists about a transfer to London, mentioning the “close friendship” between Ancelotti and Ioan Becali. Keep in mind that Ianis Zicu and Adrian Mutu moved to Inter because of Becali’s friendship with Massimo Moratti and if there will be a second Romanian player to sign for Real Madrid, after Hagi, it will happen only because the Becalis are in such good relations with The Special One-Nil.

So, with all this solid info gathered in a professional manner, everyone thought of Chelsea, with Terry’s injury considered the second perfect reason for a move that nobody dared to think of last week. Today, we hear that the player’s agent flies to London to discuss the deal, but, in my opinion, this should only place Tamas further away from West Bromwich, yet not a centimeter closer to Chelsea. In fact, I believe that The Blues are just part of the agent’s strategy to find a better deal for his client himself and, if the defender is going to move to London, it would make sense to see him in either a more wealthy or more ambitious club than WBA. And, I guess that Fulham and West Ham are out, Chelsea’s the bait and Arsenal’s manager isn’t satisfied that Tamas only played in Ligue I – if he was born in France, maybe he had a chance. That leaves us with Tottenham, right?

  1. chup
    November 19, 2010 at 2:50 pm

    Tottenham has very good defenders, they don’t need Tamas.

  2. November 19, 2010 at 5:51 pm

    It would be very interesting to see him to a bigger club, I think he deserves it, he’s got the class and talent for it. Chelsea might be tough, but I think he could make it at a team like Liverpool, or Manchester United (although I highly doubt he’ll be going to either of these two especially Man U). Spurs , i dont think so.. but maybe

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