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Universitatea Craiova joins the trend, cutting down incredible and unjustified high wages

When Victor Piturca threatened his players that they will lose their wages for 3 or 4 months, if they play as selfish as CFR’s Lacina Traore, it would have been interesting to know what gsp.ro announces today: several players from Universitatea have, at least on paper, incredible wages for what they can offer and have offered to this beloved, but underachieving club, in recent years.

The club’s highest earner and also top player, Florin Costea, who’s currently injured, gets 410.000 Euros/season, a salary that cannot be found at the champion club, for example, where Sixto Peralta, the former Internazionale midfielder, gets 375.000 Euros/year. But let’s say that Costea deserves this, given his on-the-pitch input when fit, as well as a market value calculated in million Euros. But to hear that Spase Dilevski, an Australian defensive midfielder, who never stood out as a decisive player for the club, earns 370.000 Euros per season, and Mihai Dina, an average 25 years old forward, who has an excellent year when he scores five goals in the league, was getting paid 180.000 Euros/season, obviously shocked Universitatea’s new manager. Wage cuts of -40% followed immediately, with non-negotiable offers accepted by the mentioned players, as well as by the young Mihai Costea (down to 120.000 from 180.000), while others, like the 28 years old Brazilian David Lopes, are expected to either accept half of their current wages or leave the club during the winter break.

Mihai Dina was earning in a year a bigger sum than what Universitatea would have got in case of a sale. Photo from prosport.ro

It’s an absolutely normal decision – similar moves attempted or done already even by the bigger clubs, like Steaua, CFR Cluj and Dinamo -, although we should keep in mind that rarely those written sums were paid in time and to the last eurocent. But, conditionned by impossible-to-achieve objectives or the owner’s moods on payday, these hard to explain/justify wages rarely produced anything good for the respective club. Instead, they often got them into trouble, when unpaid players with brains, agents, lawyers and time refused to give up some of the money deserved.

It’s the sort of decision that, in time, will help this crazy Romanian market finally settle down and start making some sense in terms of wages and transfer fees…

  1. October 7, 2010 at 9:14 pm

    Finally, they’ve done something about this.

    I knew having Piturca as manager would help a lot 😀
    I don’t know why he was sacked in 2008, just because Mutu stupidly missed a (winning) penalty kick against Italy in the Euros that year… Lucescu is by far one of the worst I’ve ever seen, destroying our national team, yet the FRF decides to keep him for so long…

    Anyway, hopefully we (Craiova) keep our winning streak and end up in the top 6 by the end of the season 🙂

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