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Who wants a coach like Dan Petrescu? Well, who doesn’t?

His decision to leave Unirea Urziceni, after he managed to break Romania’s record of points collected by a club in the Champions League’s groups stage and ahead of a challenging double with Liverpool, was considered at least strange. And certainly money-orientated, as Kuban Krasnodar was ready to spend millions on wages and transfers, in its attempt to achieve promotion in Russia’s first division. My bet is that Petrescu knew what was going to happen to Unirea, felt disappointed by the Ferderation’s choice to appoint Razvan Lucescu in charge and would have have had a difficult time topping what he achieved with a small club, if he was to take over another Romanian team.

SuperDan, a top coach not just by Romanian standards. Photo from sportingnews.ro

Almost a year later, we’re looking at a coach who is topping the second league in Russia, who adjusted to a new league, to a completely new schedule, who didn’t try anything fishy – bought just one Romanian player, an established goalscorer, national team player, like Gheorghe Bucur – and delievered the expected results.  He’s boasting a comfortable 13 points lead and has an excellent position to negotiate his future. At the beginning of November, his first year of contract with the Russian side will end, and he will be able to: a) discuss the terms for his first year in Russia’s top league; b) inspire the Romanian Federation?; c) return to a top club from Romania. Let’s stick to this last option and see which are the clubs that would love to land SuperDan and why they are willing/have to wait for the 6th of November:

1. Steaua Bucharest – already two managers have walked away, with just nine rounds gone, both former players, both collateral victims in Becali’s war with the fans. Now, there’s a caretaker manager in charge, Eduard Iordanescu, the son of former national team coach Anghel Iordanescu, but Ilie Dumitrescu’s former assistant looks set to go after Sunday’s defeat against Otelul Galati. The plan was to keep him until Petrescu was available, but Becali just realized that he could compromise the entire season, if he doesn’t act quicker, so we could either see him force Petrescu to leave Kuban earlier – which I doubt, the man would like to make sure this promotion is his 100% and realizes that it could affect his image in Russia – or even go for another coach. It’s a decision that will be taken in a matter of days, maybe even before Steaua’s second European appearance, against Napoli. The decision was taken after a few hours, with Marius Lacatus ready to coach his beloved club for the third club. Interesting statement, though: “I hope I wasn’t called to help just for a few rounds…”

2. CFR Cluj – yes, Sorin Cartu was recently appointed, yes, club owner Arpad Paszkany backed him after the shaky start (the win against Basel, in the Champions League, has been followed by poor performances & results), but if CFR’s current form won’t improve, there’s a chance for Paszkany to try and fulfill an older dream. Petrescu would have a solid, well organized club, a top roster, European exposure and money to spend in every mercato break.

3. FC Vaslui – Lopez Caro comes from three consecutive wins in the league, but this good run was ruined by a shameful exit from the Romanian Cup. The cold war continues and the Spaniard has everyone against: the club’s owner, the players, the fans. I doubt this will ever stop and I’m curious to see what the new Director of Football, Mihai Stoica, will bring to the club. Mihai Stoica who produced wonderful results at Unirea Urziceni, alongside, yes, you’ve guessed…

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