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Transfer deadline day in Romania. Did Balotelli really sign for Man. City or FC Brasov has a chance to get him?

Can Steaua also take the corner flags from Unirea Urziceni’s arena, after signing half of its team? Is Dinamo ready to sign at least one decent defender? Could Rapid waste another million on a useless Portuguese striker? Did Mandorlini manage to bring all his 35 years old favorite Italian players? If you’re dying to know the answers, forget about Sky Sport’s special reports and keep on coming back. You’ll be surprised how many superstars can be signed on a free transfer in a single day!

18.46 Buying from Serie A isn’t the best idea. Adrian Pit, making his debut for Universitatea Cluj, got sent off in just 10 minutes: a dive + a foul.

17.55 Love always wins! Vasile Maftei has reached an agreement with his former club, but now can only hope that Rapid will do the same with Unirea Urziceni, who has a cash-loving-owner. As I said: love always wins!17.30 Nothing else moves around here, not even in Gloria Bistrita – Universitatea Cluj, a game that started 30 minutes ago. Bruno Moraes makes his debut alongside his brother, Ribeiro Moraes, missing a sitter, five meters from goal.

16.15 The Steaua II lot makes yet another return home, from Urziceni. Five players refused to stay, but top prospects like Florentin Matei and Andrei Ionescu will be a part of Unirea’s new squad as soon as the games vs. Steaua is over.

15.38 Oh, and if someone asks why Pandurii – Universitatea Craiova gets to be be played, when the Professional League of Football had officially awarded the three points to Universitatea on Thursday, well, point them this way, please!

15.33 Dinamo gets a U21 central defender, Vlad Chiriches, from Pandurii, and is ready to send to Targu Jiu three players, as part of the deal: Vojislav Vranjkovic, Blagoja Todorovski and Ajdin Maksumic. I’m not the “I told you so” kind of guy, but the fact is that I did. Check below, at 11.17

14.45 Discrete and effective as always, Otelul Galati gets solid back-up in goal, with the transfer of Cristian Branet, former captain at Politehnica Iasi (now in second division). Still, knowing how well Grahovac has been performing lately, can’t help to think that this old timer might just be the first keeper who gets transferred twice at the same team, without getting to play an official game. It happened once already, ten years ago.

14.38 Brandan just spoke as a Steaua player: “My wife didn’t asked me to turn down Steaua’s offer!”. In fact, he spoke like a man. Just wait ’till she gets a translation of this!

13.49 FCM Targu Mures gets Ciprian Vasilache, left footed midfielder, former U21 player and hot prospect, a few years ago. He’s the first and probably last signing of Ioan Ovidiu Sabau, who took over from Adrian Falub, earlier this week.

13.12 Official news: Pablo Brandan finally moves to Steaua, alongside Laurentiu Marinescu. They’ll join five former team-mates from Unirea Urziceni: George Galamaz, Ricardo Gomes, Iulian Apostol, Marius Onofras and Marius Bilasco. Brandan can play at left back – where Latovlevici made an impressive start of season – or in central midfield, where he should fight for one of the two spots available with Angelov, Apostol, Ricardo Gomes and Bicfalvi.  

12.23 Confusing news about Brandan’s move to Steaua. Latest info was that Gigi Becali refuses to pay a commission to the player’s agent, but that’s not news material, right? So, let’s switch to the top newspapers: apparently the wife refuses to let Brandan stay in Romania beyond 2011, when his contract with Unirea will expire, after she saw pictures with him and another woman, a few months ago, doing absolutely nothing. She’s probably hoping for a transfer to England!

12.05 It was about time, yet nobody could have seen this coming! The first official transfer in this final day is announced by Gloria Bistrita, the club that has tried all summer to get rid of Ribeiro Moraes, the team’s best player. Remember this name, if you can: Abdou Khadre Guirassy- a 21 years old Senegalese midfielder, brought from Portugal. You won’t hear much about him in the near future!

11.52 Wondering why Unirea doesn’t land new players? The club’s owner just announced that nobody will earn more than 4.000 Euros/month. So, there’s got to be a different reason!

11.35 Nobody needs a Roberto Carlos? Petre Marin, former Steaua captain, released by Unirea Urziceni, is 37 still looking for a club. Anyone? He can play at right back as well!

11.17 With the latest additions securing the flanks, Oscar Rubio, on the right, and Valeriu Bordeanu, on the left, Dinamo still looks for a central defender. Maftei and Mehmedovic (Unirea), plus Chiriches (Pandurii) are on the shortlist. With Pandurii already punished for failing to pay Dinamo half of million for an older transfer deal involving Ilie Iordache, Chiriches looks to me like a good solution to make peace. And he’s not at all a poor defender!

10.54 Tonight’s derby versus Rapid will show if CFR’s latest signings – Tomas Costa, Anselmo Ramon, Ferdinando Sforzini, Roberto de Zerbi – are enough to bring the team back to life. Good thing that you can sign new coaches even after the mercato period has ended!

10.29 Made some calls, asked everyone to think twice before making moves that might be regretted for the rest of the season. Really have to go to the bathroom now!

10.26 sharp Unirea’s Maftei is yet to make a decision, having to choose between Rapid and Dinamo. Same old dilemma: come back home for less money or take the dosh from the club’s arch-rivals? What if he stays put and makes both teams’ fans happy, by playing against Steaua on Saturday?

10.26 Transfer target of the day: Pablo Brandan, Unirea’s valuable left back. Second transfer target of the day: Vasile Maftei, Unirea’s versatile defender. Third transfer target of the day: Unirea’s club logo. Available on a free transfer. What? It’s not 10.26 yet?

09.55 Dinamo and Rapid try to exchange Georgian Paun with Stefan Grigorie. Paun is a forward who did well away from Dinamo, on loan, while Grigorie is an attacking midfielder who played poorly when away from Dinamo and especially when playing against Dinamo. So, he’s too valuable for the Red Dogs to be brought back to Stefan cel Mare!

09.47 Tried to talk with the Becalis on the phone. They’re busy making offers that cannot be refused.

09.30 The 15 youngsters sent by Steaua to Unirea Urziceni are getting ready to train with their new club. They won’t be available for Saturday’s match and new coach Octavian Grigore is seriously thinking about returning on the pitch. One problem: he spent his entire playing career at Petrolul Ploiesti, collecting 442 matches and scoring 52 goals, as a top central defender. Why ruin that for a must-lose game?

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