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Cerniauskas has two decisive errors in two games. And I had warned Lopez Caro…

Well, you could click here and see for yourselves, but, if you’re in a hurry, you could also take my following words for it: Liability: Vytautas Cerniauskas – if he plays right away. The young goalie has just arrived, but, given the conflict between the club and first choice keeper Dusan Kuciak, he might  get soon the chance to prove himself and I doubt that a second Arlauskis could arrive to Liga I so soon and make a similar impact. If I’d be in Caro’s place I would trust Haisan, who stepped in well even last season and should offer time and guidance to Cerniauskas, as well.”

Ok, enough bragging, I certainly don’t like it, but I’ve read that sometimes it does help. The fact is that FC Vaslui has just one point after two rounds (the 2-0 defeat against Rapid was followed by a 1-1 that’s a lot more difficult to digest, given the fact that Lopez Caro’s men were playing at home and against FCM Targu Mures, a newly promoted team) and Vytautas Cerniauskas has to take a part of the blame. Sorry, two parts, as he was at fault both for Rapid‘s and FCM‘s openers, making it very difficult for his team to come back in the game.

The Lithuanian U21 goalie may be promising, but so far I’ve seen, besides a justified fear to leave the goal-line, a worrying lack of agility. Size does matter, but it’s never enough! And Caro already started to look for solutions, the first press reports linking FC Vaslui with Steaua’s out of favor keeper, Robinson Zapata, while today there were stories referring to Kuciak’s possible return to the first team. Nothing about Vaslui’s chances to get back the five points lost in the first two rounds, though…

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