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Lazio wants Romania’s U21 captain, Gabriel Torje

According to gsp.ro, “i biancocelesti” asked for Cristiano Bergodi’s opinion on Dinamo’s winger, who doesn’t have an attracting asking price, given the fact that the Red Dogs bought only 50% of the player’s rights from Timisoara, for almost 2 million Euros! So, talks are expected to start from 4 million Euros, the two clubs having a precedent in “the Stefan Radu case”, the defender bought by Lazio for 5,4 million Euros, after a one year long loan deal. Of course, Dinamo was wrong to pay so much at that time, a mistake done recently by Steaua, as well, who bought Cristian Tanase’s 50% for 1,8 million Euros, from a second division club!

Torje looked indeed very promising a few years ago, when he got so much credit from Gheorghe Hagi (too underrated as a coach!), playing on a regular basis as an 18 years old for Timisoara, but since his move to Bucharest, his impressive development rate slowed down. Still, he’s the captain of the U21, could earn very soon his first caps for the seniors,  but he still needs to become even better in terms of technique & tactical knowledge, to make up for his very small size and be able to play with the big boys. Right now, he’s not worth more than the 2 millions paid by Dinamo, of course, if the buying club expects to make a profit in two or three years time…

  1. July 22, 2010 at 5:31 pm

    Torje is a fantastic young player, I don’t care what anyone says, he’s done a lot in the past including the U21 national team. He’s one for the future, and going to Lazio might (or might not) help his development. Sure he won’t be in the starting 11 at first (or so I think) but who knows what he’ll do.

    And btw, Gheorghe Hagi was never a good coach lol… never. He was an incredible player though, 3rd all-time best in Romania (after Nicolae Dobrin and Illie Balaci).

  1. July 28, 2010 at 11:21 am

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