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Costly and Kuciak, two of FC Vaslui’s stars, threatened to play in the fourth divison!

Carlos Costly, 28 years old

The arrival of Lopez Caro on the bench and the quality of the players already available entitled FC Vaslui to nurture high hopes for a second consecutive season, an ambition that isn’t though shared by all the players. In fact, two of the club’s best, the Hondurian striker Carlos Costly and the Slovakian keeper Dusan Kuciak (who travelled to South Africa for the World Cup), have failed to return from vacation and are hoping to part ways with a small, but ambitious club, lead by a very wealthy man. The former international ref Adrian Porumboiu didn’t react well to such behaviour and repeteadly asked the players to come to Romania and respect their current deals. Failing to find an agreement, Porumboiu now threatens both of them with a nightmare of a season, in Romania’s fourth tier, stating that he’s willing to let them go only if someone will come up with the 2 million Euros he demands for each footballer. Which will never happen.

Poorly advised so far, these two fellows will be in a lot of trouble unless they will try at least and find an agreement, knowing Porumboiu’s ego and his refusal to see himself dominated by players and especially their agents. Wesley Lopes da Silva, Vaslui’s top footballer, can certainly confirm it…

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