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I’m in shock: the useless Daminuta bought by AC Milan!

I am reading press report after press report, trying to find something that could explain this absolute nonsense. All I can find is the info launched by SkySports and confirmation that this is indeed true: Cristian Daminuta will move from Inter to AC Milan, in a 7 million Euros deal, alongside two other players, Attila Filkor and Marko Fossati.

Daminuta, loving to be Inter's player, in 2008. Photo by gsp.ro

Daminuta comes after a terrible second half of season. Loaned by Dinamo Bucharest from Inter Primavera in January, the player collected 42 minutes in 17 rounds, spending most of his time in the reserve team, in the second division! Dinamo found him useless, unprofessional, damaging to the lockerroom and the club’s image, as a regular in the tabloids. Of course, they refused to take advantage of what seemed an excellent price to make the deal permanent: 500.000 Euros. What on earth could have recommended this arrogant and limited individual for such an impressive deal between two of the most important clubs in the world? Maybe a statement released by the player in January (when his two neurons accidentally met), when Daminuta said that he doesn’t even want to hear about a return to Inter, although he was under contract until 2013 and had absolutely no idea if Dinamo will buy him in the summer. As much as the two clubs from Milano apparently hate each other – at least this is what their poor fans believe -, I doubt that this alone could have lead to the player’s inclusion in such an important deal.

My opinion? Well, one similar to the one released by Cornel Dinu, a former Dinamo legend, currently working for the Bucharest side: “You’d have to go through a lot of trouble at times to try and justify important sums of money, either you’re in Italy or Romania…”

PS I know that the one of the player’s (former?) agents Cristea Opria is probably trying to do his job, but in case this is true “Inter will pay 5 million Euros for Daminuta and 2 for the other two players”, I think the deal is definitely worth a look not just from the fans ;-).

  1. July 15, 2010 at 2:55 pm

    how bad is this kid is? some said he’s actually talented bet has a bad attitude, However the Fossati kid is pretty much the hyped of the deal. Fossati is one of the best players in the u-17 world cup

    • July 15, 2010 at 3:00 pm

      well, definitely has huge attitude problems. when someone comes from Italy back to Romania and says that he doesn’t want to hear about Inter, c’mon, there’s something wrong in the head. I know he played a few decent games for Inter’s Primavera, moved in central defense, although he’s a natural anchorman, but I was shocked to see that Dinamo didn’t use him even when they had four central defenders injured! As for Fossati, I take your word for it, I didn’t trust Daminuta’s agent for 1 second, when he said that 5 of the 7 mil. Euros were paid for Daminuta. I still wonder how could he say that without starting to laugh in the middle of the sentence…

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