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Angelov agrees to sign for Steaua

A rumor for almost a month, Angelov’s transfer to Steaua has become reality. The Bulgarian utility player  will get 120.000 Euros in the coming season and the club has the option to extend the deal for one more season. Stanislav Angelov is Steaua’s 12th transfer of the summer, comes as a free player, after three years spent in Germany, with Energie Cottbus, and can play either as a full back (no matter the side) or as a central defensive midfielder.
Although he enjoys playing as an anchorman, he will find it very hard to play ahead of Dorel Stoica, Piturca’s favorite player and first transfer of the summer. On the right side, he will fight with another Bulgarian, Yordan Todorov, while on the left there’s the promising Romanian left back, Iasmin Latovlevici (recently bought from FC Timisoara, signed a five years long deal) and the Nigerian Ifeanyi Emeghara.

  1. El Bulgaro
    July 20, 2010 at 9:23 pm

    Angelov is the first quality Bulgarian transfer for Steaua. I still cannot understand how Steaua signed Jivko Jelev, and worse, Bibishkov. Both aren`t even close to that level! Didn`t the scouts know that?!!! However Todorov is ok, a good player but nothing really special. Angelov- now we are talkin!

    • July 20, 2010 at 9:40 pm

      well, Bibishkov was an enigma, but Jelev was ok for Otelul Galati, came as a free player and for a limited period, so it made some sense, imo. But you should know that Steaua, as big that name still is in Europe, recently fired the club’s only scout! They’re buying what agents offer them, with the coach having the last word (they sign 5-6 player and, after a month, the coach is sacked. what will you do with those players, then?) I’d say only CFR and Unirea Urziceni do some proper research for their buys from abroad, that’s why they get good players, the others are just playing a lottery, an expensive one indeed

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