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Rapid adds Glauber to this summer’s most impressive transfer campaign

The Brazilian centre-back Glauber Leandro Honorato Berti comes from two wasted years at Sao Caetano and Manchester City, where he had transferred after a solid 1. Bundesliga career with FC Nurnberg. Here’s a description of his style, from Doron Salomon, a football fan who saw him playing for Man City’s reserve squad and shared this on my Twitter account (rbaicu): “He’s slow so prefers to be part of a defence that sits deep… Massively susceptible to pace in a defence that tries to hold a high line and play offside. Decent in the air – he’s quite a big boy. Decent positional sense of play, but he’s a bit clumsy… Typically brazilian in that his touch is ok and he’s pretty comfortable to pass the ball out of defence, although he just always looks awkward on the ball”.

Anyway, in spite of all this, he might prove to be a classy aquisition from Rapid, given the fact that the club doesn’t even have a player who could dream of playing as much as Glauber did for Man City – a single game. He’s the second Brazilian centre-back added to the roster this summer, after Marcos Antonio Elias Santos, but Rapid bought massively & the best players from FC Brasov: Ezequias, Rui Duarte, Roman, Grigore and Sburlea, all five able to claim a spot in an already competitive first eleven. Goalkeeper Dani Coman and Dinamo’s Ianis Zicu could complete the picture of an oustanding performance from Rapid on the transfer market, in spite of the club’s limited financial resources, and entitle this ambitious club to hope for a firm challenge for the title next season. Not to mention that this team had big chances to look good in Europe this autumn, as well…

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