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Materazzi sacked, three days after his appointment!

Giuseppe Materazzi

It wasn’t a joke, as I hoped, but turned into one three days later. Unveiled on Monday as FC Brasov’s new and bravest coach in the club’s history (Brasov had lost 17 players this summer!), Giuseppe Materazzi left the club today, with the official announcement coming from Ioan Neculaie, the wealthy owner, without any details. My bet is that he signed a contract without any clue about the club’s situation, taking for granted all the promises made in such moments, and needed just a couple of days to realize that he’s about to make a fool of himself.

Just for the record, I’d like to remind everyone that Materazzi is the second Italian coach to go through such an experience with FC Brasov, after Nicolo Napoli. So Materazzi was just one phone call away from avoiding this humiliating experience…

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