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Best players of the season in Romania: goalkeepers

  1. Milos Buchta, 30 years old

    MILOS BUCHTA – Gaz Metan Medias

  2. Branko Grahovac – Otelul Galati
  3. Costel Pantilimon – FC Timisoara
  4. Razvan Stanca – Pandurii
  5. Giedrius Arlauskis – Unirea Urziceni

My view: The winner deserves the attention he gets this summer from Dinamo and other interested clubs, after an excellent season indeed, with an impressive number of clean sheets: 15. Take into account that he’s not playing for a big club, protected by an excellent defense or by the opposition’s strikers, at times ;-). Unirea’s Arlauskis could have finished better, but his second half of season was affected by injuries, while Grahovac should end Otelul’s continuous search for a reliabe goalie, which has brought in the past few years a lot of mediocre players from abroad…

The keepers I like: Universitatea Craiova’s Silviu Lung Jr., who had a tough year, always playing under huge pressure, but showed his impressive composure and managed to end the season in style, with a call-up to the senior national team. Promising lad, but let’s see where he goes from here… I should also mention Rapid’s Bornescu, who looked consistent enough and finally like a mature keeper, but he’ll be under serious pressure next season, if Dani Coman will indeed return to Giulesti, from FC Brasov.

Note: the top five is taken from Gazeta Sporturilor, a newspaper that uses the service of Digital Soccer Project. These results are based on a series of specific criteria for each position, include only players that have collected at least 1.200 minutes on the pitch in the past season and the only subjective part of the analysis consists in the average marks received by the newspaper’s writers.

  1. PMC
    June 5, 2010 at 4:29 pm

    This year has certainly been a rough one for the keepers in Liga1. The majority had no certain spot (Tata, Panti) or were injured for a while (Stanca, Arlauskis) and I also rate Buchta as a good choice.

    I’d definately want to give a honorary mention to Albut though, who impressed me with his consistence and reliability. He’s not a keeper that stands out but someone who can be considered a backbone to his team. I’m actually quite surprised that he didn’t make the top 5 considering his solid display throughout the season.

  2. June 7, 2010 at 7:51 am

    Mate, again you have a point, Bistrita’s second half of season was impressive and Albut definitely has the qualities mentioned by you.

  1. January 6, 2011 at 1:12 pm

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