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Ribeiro Moraes is, officially, Gloria Bistrita’s player. But not for long!

Brought on a loan from Santos, with the option to make the deal permanent for 200.000 Euros, Aluisio Chaves Ribeiro Junior Moraes is probably the best deal in Gloria Bistrita’s history! The Brazilian forward, who came to Romania through Marius Sumudica’s still active contacts from Portugal, was on fire and impressed with every single appearance in Liga I. In 17 matches, he scored 9 goals, an impressive and decisive feat for Gloria’s survival in the league, which attracted interest from every single big club from Romania.

Obviously, Gloria moved quickly and paid the 200.000 Euros, offering the 23 years old a contract that has a release clause of 2 million Euros. And it won’t be a surprise to see it paid in a month or so ;-).

  1. PMC
    May 27, 2010 at 2:31 am

    I don’t believe that a romanian club except for maybe Cluj or Vaslui could afford him actually. Seriously speaking I think Bistrita has a unique chance of creating a real good team next season. It’s a damn shame that they got rid off Sanmartean that easily.

    picture this

    —————Moraes—————-B.Moraes (?)

    and they still have Keita, Cip Petre, Velcovici etc. for the bench.

    They could’ve been on the verge of creating a spectacular side with Sumudica at helm. 😦

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