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Romania U23 is, in fact, Otelul U23!

Still Romania's national team coach, Razvan Lucescu

Razvan Lucescu has a problem. And if he has a problem, our national team has a problem. After making a bad choice when appointed – he decided to hang on to the very slim chances to qualify, instead of building a new team, based on his coaching philosophy, offering official games to the new faces and trying to integrate them into a new, fresh squad – he doesn’t know where to go from here. He realizes that he cannot fail in the campaign for Euro 2012, so he cannot start a team from scratch, with a lot of new names, young players and so on, but he’s also aware that counting on pretty much the same team that missed tournament after tournament will lead to his dismissal after the first couple of failures. So, he has just a few chances (friendly games) until the official kick off of the new campaign, to both find those new faces and also try to blend them into the national team. And he does what? Calls to the U23 nine players (out of 18!) from just one team, Otelul Galati! Wouldn’t have been a better idea to ask Otelul take a trip to Belgium and play a friendly against their U23, with Lucescu in the stands or, even better, at home, waiting for the DVD?

For those interested, here is “Romania’s U23” for tomorrow’s game against Belgium, part of the “International Challenge Trophy”:

Goalkeepers: Cezar Lungu (Steaua II), Alexandru Pena (AS Roma Primavera)

Defenders: Cornel Rapa, Samuel Cojoc, Silviu Ilie, Cristian Sarghi (Otelul Galati), Vlad Chiriches (International Curtea de Arges)

Midfielders: Liviu Antal, Ionut Neagu, Laurentiu Iorga, Razvan Ochirosii (Otelul Galati), Sorin Stratila, Alexandru Stan (Astra Ploiesti), Vasile Olariu, Viorel Nicoara (Victoria Branesti – second division)

Forwards: Mircea Axente (Otelul Galati), Mihai Radut (International Curtea de Arges), Liviu Ganea (Astra Ploiesti).

  1. PMC
    May 10, 2010 at 9:51 pm

    wasn’t it because of the schedule which only gave him the ability to select players from teams that played on sunday?

  2. May 10, 2010 at 10:04 pm

    I’ve always hated Razvan Lucescu… ever since I watched the first match under his management, the world cup campaign, friendlies (including U21s and all that), etc…. he’s done a horrible job at it, I honestly think a little kid with common sense and watches enough football would do a nicer job than he does with the resources we’ve got available.

    Really got me pissed off by his selections, his arguments with players, tactics, etc… he just can’t coach and that’s a fact. He just got picked by the FRF because of his name, Lucescu (thanks to his father Mircea who just won the Ukrainian league again even though he’s ass-hole at least he can coach).

    That’s all I’ve got to say on the matter. I hope he’s fired soon and that the Romanian Football Federation management has the sense to pick out someone like Dan Petrescu, Mircea Lucescu maybe, guys like that. Even Piturca did a better job with Romania in the Euros!! We nearly qualified for the quarter-finals, but got unlucky with a penalty missed by the ‘drug-crazy’ Mutu (lol, what an idiot).

  3. May 11, 2010 at 7:45 am

    PMC, I agree that it was difficult for him, but isn’t part of his job to prepare for such games (which at international level don’t come often enough, anyway)? I don’t recall him lobbying for a good schedule in Liga I, that would have allowed him to count on interesting players for the national team. He knew about this match for months, yet he did absolutely nothing about it. For me, this is a waste of time and energy and what he sees in it he would have been able to see by going to a Otelul – International match.

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