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Mandorlini defeated by a former Juventus coach

CFR Cluj offered the surprise of the round, an unpleasant one for its fans, losing away at Astra Ploiesti, a struggling team that recently released six players, lost a decent Italian coach and was fearing for its future in the first division. But, leaving the result aside, it was the team’s performance (this isn’t the right term, I shouldn’t be using it in this case) that only confirms what I saw this year at the team that still has the biggest chances to win the league. Mandorlini failed to connect with his players, the team lacks style, ideas in attack and the right spirit.

Against Astra, Mandorlini sent on the pitch three attacking midfielders, Dica, Culio and Deac, plus two strikers, Bud and Kone, but, with an incredible attitude, failed to pose a threat, couldn’t muster a single scoring chance  in the first 45 minutes and kept on playing for a 0-0 until Astra’s goal and, as stupid as it sounds, even afterwards. It was the poorest game I’ve seen from a title contender and this year the competition was fierce, given Steaua, Vaslui or Timisoara’s stuggle to look like a decent team at least…

In my opinion, Mandorlini should be asked to start packing, as he offered too little for the title CFR will probably win at the end of the season and even managed to put it into jeopardy.

PS Wondering about the post’s title? Well, Marin Barbu, Astra’s coach, was signed a couple of weeks ago from a third division club called Juventus Bucuresti ;-).

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