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Inter – Barcelona. Or would you prefer a concert?

April 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Mutiny at Dinamo, under Giovani Becali’s command!

April 18, 2010 2 comments

After Dinamo’s defeat against CFR Cluj, in the semifinals of the Romanian Cup, three players left the hotel in the middle of the night: Ousmane N’Doye, Ze Diabate and Djakaridja Kone went out on their own and returned in the morning. With the other players aware of their departure, talks went on among the team’s leaders, Niculae, Niculescu, Bratu, Moti and Bostina, who agreed that something needs to be done to restore an order too often troubled by N’Doye, who had been recently “rewarded” with an excellent contract and, even more surprising for such an unprofessional player, the vice-captan role.

In the morning, when N’Doye was begging for forgivness, Dinamo’s staff had the surprise to see six players leave the hotel and return to Bucharest. If Florin Bratu had already been sent there, to play for Dinamo II, players like Gabriel Bostina, Andrei Margaritescu, Adrian Cristea, Ianis Zicu and Marius Alexe stated that they’re backing Bratu and would like to protest against the repeated trouble created by the Senegalese midfielder. Read more…

Top central defender, available for free in the summer

April 17, 2010 6 comments

His name is George Galamaz and is Unirea Urziceni’s skipper, the leader of one of the best organized defenses in the past two seasons. The 29 years old has been playing for the reigning champions since February 2007 and has recently stated that he will move in the summer, on a free transfer, after Unirea failed to come up with an interesting proposal. This is a blow for Unirea Urziceni, as the club will lose for free a top player and a solid professional, but in my opinion also a sign that the good days are over and that this small team will return to mediocrity very, very soon… 

Who’s after Galamaz? Pretty much every Romanian club with ambition, but I believe that the player will move abroad starting next season. The question is: is there a club wise enough to take advantage of his services in the next two-three years and tempt him with a sporting challenge that will make him think twice about the prospect of joining Dan Petrescu and Gigel Bucur in the Russian second division, at Kuban Krasnodar, just for the money?

Round 28 – results, scorers and standings

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  • Unirea Alba Iulia – Ceahlaul 3-2 (N. Jovanovic 27, 90, Fl. Dan 44 / I. Badescu 35, Cebotaru 53)
  • Astra Ploiesti – International 1-1 (Carando 81 / Apostu 28)
  • Unirea Urziceni – Pandurii Targu Jiu 3-0 (Apostol 25, Marinescu 39, Martinovic 78 og)
  • Gloria Bistrita – Dinamo 3-2 (Ribeiro Moraes 23, 88, Nastase 45 / Cl. Niculescu 12, Andrei Cristea 32)
  • Politehnica Iasi – Otelul Galati 1-1 (Badea 52 / Ochirosii 30)
  • Rapid – Steaua 5-1 (Ionita 7, 17, Cesinha 22, M. Constantin 33 pen, Helder 73 / Kapetanos 14 pen)
  • FC Brasov – Gaz Metan Medias 3-2 (N. Grigore 11 pen, Sburlea 39, Hadnagy 49 / A. Munteanu 57, Litu 77)
  • FC Vaslui – Universitatea Craiova 0-1 (Al. Piturca 71)
  • FC Timisoara – CFR Cluj 1-1 (Alexa 90+8 / Deac 56)

Liga I - standings

Next round (23-26 April): Ceahlaul – Astra Ploiesti, Dinamo – Politehnica Iasi, Pandurii – FC Brasov, Otelul Galati – Rapid, CFR Cluj – Unirea Alba Iulia, Gaz Metan Medias – Gloria Bistrita, Universitatea Craiova – Unirea Urziceni, Steaua – FC Timisoara, International Curtea de Arges – FC Vaslui.

Steaua and Dinamo’s rivalry continues. This time, on the transfer market

April 14, 2010 1 comment
  • The two fierce rivals are keeping tabs on Gloria Bistrita’s winger, Adrian Hora, who is tipped to move to one of the big clubs from Bucharest at the end of the season. The former youth international looked very promising a few years ago, when he made his debut in the top flight playing for UTA Arad, and the transfer fee paid by a poor club like Gloria was surprising at that time: around 250.000 EUR. Now, it just look like wise investment, as “The Vampires” should get at least double that sum and maybe even some other promising youngsters in exchange.
  • Dinamo is looking to strengthen the defence and the Red Dogs will be testing in the next few days the Ivorian Robert Sakara, who’s a free player at the moment. The trial was obtained by his agent, Eutin Bojin, who was aware of the lack of options for the centre-back role, after the injuries suffered by Dragos Grigore and Lucian Goian. Anyway, this is a strange decision by Dinamo’s staff, as they have several youngsters in the reserve team (playing regularly in the second division), not to mention the Czech Marin Zivny and Inter’s on loan hot prospect Cristian Daminuta. Yet coach Cornel Talnar insist on pairing the insecure Moti with the natural right back Scarlatache and testing unknown 25 years old players…

Round 27 – results, scorers and standings

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  • Otelul Galati – Gloria Bistrita 3-0 (Antal 4, Viglianti 73, Pena 87)
  • Universitatea Craiova – Astra Ploiesti 1-0 (Dina 72)
  • International Curtea de Arges – Unirea Alba Iulia 2-1 (Voiculet 36, D. Stan 45 / C. Cristea 89)
  • FC Vaslui – Unirea Urziceni 1-1 (Akakpo 25 / Rusescu 90+5)
  • Gaz Metan Medias – Pandurii Targu Jiu 1-0 (Kubala 54)
  • Ceahlaul – FC Timisoara 1-1 (Vitelaru 87 / Mansour 66)
  • Dinamo – FC Brasov 0-0
  • CFR Cluj – Rapid 1-0 (G. Muresan 77)
  • Steaua – Politehnica Iasi 2-1 (Surdu 55, Kapetanos 82 / Paun 5)

Liga I - standings

Round 28 (16-19 of April): Unirea Alba Iulia – Ceahlaul, Astra Ploiesti – International Curtea de Arges, Unirea Urziceni – Pandurii Targu Jiu, FC Timisoara – CFR Cluj, Gloria Bistrita – Dinamo, Politehnica Iasi – Otelul Galati, FC Brasov – Gaz Metan Medias, Rapid – Steaua, FC Vaslui – Universitatea Craiova.

    Timisoara gets the three points lost on the pitch against Rapid!

    April 10, 2010 Leave a comment

    Although Rapid had won the game (1-0), Timisoara claimed that the Bucharest side had no right to use Dacian Varga and Tiberiu Balan, the players loaned from Sportul Studentesc after the transfer window had been closed. Rapid definitely tried to bend the laws in this case and the decision is fair in my opinion. And, yes, maybe it’s time for a title to be decided by such an intervention that affects the standings so late in the season, as we have to start at some point to obey the regulations and respect the decisions of those running the game.

    With this call, Rapid will probably miss out even on Europa League football next season, which was very important for a financially struggling club,  while Timisoara’s climbs into second place and gets a boost to its chances of winning the league. Unfortunately for the fantastic Viola fans, they’ll probably lose it again on the pitch…

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