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Mutiny at Dinamo, under Giovani Becali’s command!

After Dinamo’s defeat against CFR Cluj, in the semifinals of the Romanian Cup, three players left the hotel in the middle of the night: Ousmane N’Doye, Ze Diabate and Djakaridja Kone went out on their own and returned in the morning. With the other players aware of their departure, talks went on among the team’s leaders, Niculae, Niculescu, Bratu, Moti and Bostina, who agreed that something needs to be done to restore an order too often troubled by N’Doye, who had been recently “rewarded” with an excellent contract and, even more surprising for such an unprofessional player, the vice-captan role.

In the morning, when N’Doye was begging for forgivness, Dinamo’s staff had the surprise to see six players leave the hotel and return to Bucharest. If Florin Bratu had already been sent there, to play for Dinamo II, players like Gabriel Bostina, Andrei Margaritescu, Adrian Cristea, Ianis Zicu and Marius Alexe stated that they’re backing Bratu and would like to protest against the repeated trouble created by the Senegalese midfielder.

Apparently a bold decision, this was just a move orchestrated by the influential Giovani Becali. Although the players’ official agent, Victor Becali, had instructed them to stay put and held talks with the board later on, Giovani assured them that he’ll take care of their future and encouraged them to leave. If Bostina took the smallest risk, as his contract expires at the end of the season, the others can only hope that the financial punishment will be compensated by their next contracts – hoping that the Becalis would find them not only interested clubs, but also understanding with Dinamo’s angered board.

In fact, Dinamo already announced that only Alexe has a chance to be forgiven and that the other five will never feature in the red and white outfit again. But, if the Red Dogs will allow them to leave, which club would take the chance to sign players that have no respect for the club, the fans or their contracts, nor fear of repercussions, and follow blindly the orders of their “Godfather”, Giovani Becali?

  1. PMC
    April 19, 2010 at 11:27 am

    What’s ironic is the fact that out of these players

    1) Adi Cristea and Zicu are known primadonnas who didn’t perform well for a long time

    2) Bratu didn’t do anything since his injury

    3) Bostina played nothing for years before he “exploded” this retur


    4) Alexe had like 4 decent games for Dinamo.

    The fans like N’Doye because of his performances and I believe that’s why the club officials are easily forgiving him for his attitude. Sincerly speaking, such a high class player would never play in Romania if he were totally sane. 😀

  2. April 20, 2010 at 11:34 am

    Nice ending, mate! 🙂 The guy is definitely out of his mind!

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