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Dinamo signs up for two more years of trouble :-)

Yes, Ousmane N’Doye just extended for two more years his contract with Dinamo, in spite of all the off-the-pitch scandas, in-the-locker problems and in-the-media speculation. He will earn 180.000 EUR per season (without bonuses!) and, according to www.gsp.ro, he wanted the board to assure him that coach Cornel Talnar, nicknamed Del Bosque, will continue next season as well. This isn’t the best news for his colleagues, nor for Dinamo’s rivals, who probably had their offers ready for a top class midfielder that was going to move for free in the summer. In the end, it seems that his quality as a footballer was considered more valuable than a squad harmony that was difficult to ensure anyway, as we’re talking about Dinamo and this has been definitely the club’s weak spot for years…

To follow: a contract extension for the experienced Gabriel Bostina, who was outstanding in 2010 so far.

  1. PMC
    April 10, 2010 at 4:51 pm

    The Fans love him… I think Dinamo really had no other choice since they don’t have the best relation with their fans anyhow. Bostina on the other hand did well in 2010 but he’s not a player anymore for a team with ambitions.

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