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Andrei Cristea’s skills, admired by two Serie A clubs

The info comes from gsp.ro and the two clubs are, apparently, Lazio and AS Bari. The forward, who has an excellent 2010, scoring at will, has been recommended in Italy by his former coach, Dario Bonetti. The 26 years old has 12 goals this season, 7 of them coming in the 7 matches played so far this year, reaching the Greek Pantelis Kapetanos at the top of the best scorers list in Liga I. Cristea, who looked very promising back in his Steaua days, when a brace scored against Valencia made the exhuberant owner Gigi Becali state that he will sell this player for no less than 20 million Euros. Now, Dinamo would be more than happy to cut the zero and cash in 2 million Euros, as they paid less than half of million to get the forward from FC Timisoara…

  1. PMC
    April 2, 2010 at 2:25 pm

    2 millions sound quite good for a relatively young player who performed well for years already and finally found his place at Dinamo. I don’t know Bari well but Lazio sounds like a great opportunity if he managed to break through.

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