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This isn’t just Sandoi’s lack of vision, unfortunately…

  • Israel U21 – Romania U21 1-1

Frankly, I don’t see the purpose of this friendly. It wasn’t a mistake, no other player sneaked on board, this was the selected team and Sandoi fielded a tactical joke in Tel Aviv:




————-Sburlea—L. Ganea——————-

A 4-4-2, with an improvised left back, Barboianu, who plays at right back and, on occasion, in midfield. Although he had a natural left back, Silviu Ilie, Sandoi moved Barboianu there, losing the only option to improvise (yes, thanks to Sandoi’s knowledge, we have to improvise a central midfielder in the U21!) a central midfielder to pair with Ionescu and give some sort of balance to the team. Look at the four midfielders! Torje is a pure winger, Rusescu is a natural striker!, Ionescu – an attacking midfielder, Gangioveanu – a left winger. Somehow, it ended 1-1, with the latter scoring Romania’s goal in the 7th minute, but this is definitely the case to use a cliche: friendly results do not matter…

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