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Unirea ready to defend the 0-1 loss from Anfield!

Ok, it’s suicidal to attack Liverpool, when you’re tactically, technically, mentally and physically inferior, but Levy’s announced and probable approach sounds like the written will of a guy facing death on the electric bench! 😉

The Israeli coach, who has worked until now in changing the team’s English style teached to perfection by Dan Petrescu, has one excuse: lacks the players to switch from this 4-1-4-1 (which he didn’t abandon even when trailing against CFR Cluj, at home, on Monday!) to a different setup, that would at least offer more options to play a positive passing game.

Still, for the love of the beautiful game, for any fan’s convictions that miracles can happen in football, that the opponents have also only two feet and, most important, for the 25.000 guys that bought a ticket and the millions that bought beer for them and their friends, he MUST take a swing at Liverpool. He’ll probably miss, that’s why I’d recommend not to wait until the 75th minute, with 10 men organized to perfection in their own half, defending an “honorable loss”. Because, dear Mr. Levy, we already had hundreds of Romanian coaches specialized in such wonderful achievements…

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